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JD Edwards certification is back after years of dormancy. Certification exams are a way for clients to prove to their employers that they know the basics of JDE software. Some employers may incent their employees to pass these exams, perhaps resulting in a raise, a bonus, or even a promotion. In better economic times, passing a certification exam would open the door for a beginner to obtain a JD Edwards position with a client or consulting firm. Today it might help, but it's more difficult to get in the door.

While passing a certification exam does validate basic software knowledge, it does not prove that someone can apply their knowledge of the software to a client's business requirements. It indicates almost nothing about their business process knowledge, or their ability to creatively apply the software to 'unusual' business requirements. What certification does mean is that someone is good at reading manuals, taking classes, and passing an exam.

Our founder, Andy Klee, recently went through the JDE certification exam process. You can read all the details and learn where Oracle's site covers JD Edwards Certification in a series of JD Edwards certification blogs.

Here are Andy's conclusions after studying for, and passing, the Distribution Essentials JDE Certification Exam:

  • The exam was a pretty fair test of one's book knowledge of JD Edwards. The questions were better than expected. Although the exam covered a broad range of topics within Distribution, it did not cover many enhancements added to the software in the last ten years. And, it didn't cover Advanced Pricing at all.

  • There is probably close to zero correlation between test results and one's ability to positively impact a JD Edwards implementation. In fact, even Oracle admits they have no idea, by way of a post-exam question - "Do you feel this exam tests your ability to implement JD Edwards?" Taking a poll is hardly a substitute for rigorous psychometric research on the validity of an exam.

  • The majority of people who bother with taking this exam will be brand-new consultants, trying to gain an advantage over other consultants who haven't taken the exam.

  • Most experienced consultants won't bother with taking the exam, because they are too busy working at client sites, helping them solve real world problems.

  • Clients need to look beyond a consultant's certification badge to make sure there is solid implementation experience behind it.

Consultants and Consulting Firms: Want to pass the Oracle/JDE Certification Exams? Help has arrived! Learn more.

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