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SharePoint: Together with JDE at Last

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It is no longer a question of 'Can I get this in SharePoint?' Any data you have, JD Edwards or otherwise, can be brought into any site or site collection within EASYProcess SharePoint.

Seamless deployment and full integration are only the beginning. Using EASYProcess middleware, all connectivity and data orchestration are available to you. Many customers stop using the JDE or SP workflow after installing EASYProcess.


EASYProcess is installed as "server scoped" or "farm scoped" and can be activated/deactivated at the site collection/sub site level making those site collections/sub sites in your SharePoint forest as enterprise ready. Call any Business Function from SharePoint. Inquire on any data, all real time.

Middleware, Portal Factory, and Enterprise Development

Connect to any database, any data source, email, web service, payment gateway,, your Cloud, and many many more. Drag and drop web parts (and their associated data sources!), re-use web parts, secure them to approved users, and match the look and feel to your site using a GUI interface. Enterprise development with EASYProcess mirrors your JDE Environments, or any other infrastucture topology you have set up. Teams can easily create business processes using a built in GUI workflow and BPM module with no coding.

You'll love the ROI. Reduced licensing of several middleware products is just the beginning. Investigate K-Rise and learn how you can achieve such significant benefits.

How does EASYProcess make it possible?

EASYProcess is the development platform that is the framework for SharePoint. This platform uses a GUI interface (eliminating coding) to connect all of your data sources and create applications with complex business rules according to your specific requirements.

Learn more about how EASYProcess integrates with JDE, uses Data Orchestration, and how middleware, portals, and enterprise development come together so easily. When you understand the power EASYProcess delivers, you will want to email us for that demo!

What do our customers say?

"We evaluated several tools and came to the conclusion that Easy Process will enable the quickest ROI for us. K-Rise Systems has exceeded our expectations and we could not have asked for a better partner."
Udo Troitzsch, CIO, Director Supply Chain, Mercury Marine Australia

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About K-Rise

Founded on the principle that 'there must be a better way', K-Rise strives to give customers better and more efficient ways to work with JD Edwards.

All products offer tremendous flexibility for the building of new applications and portals as well as numerous pre-built apps and portals available with surprisingly little implementation time. Readily share development work with your IT department and make it easier for programmers to pick up where others left off.

EASYProcess has brought a 'wow' to the lips of many JD Edwards veterans, a 'whew' to the brow of their IT managers, and a 'Cha-Ching!' from their CIO.

Video Testimonial

"Our E1 installation would not be complete without EASYProcess"
Jay Petri, CIO,
Carico International