Basic Manufacturing Training Outline

Common Foundation

A comprehensive hands-on introduction to JD Edwards that familiarizes you with:


  • Menu Navigation
  • Address Book
  • User Defined Codes (UDCs)
  • Inquiry Techniques
  • Grid Mechanics
  • Category Codes
  • Running a Standard Report

Inventory and Procurement for Manufacturing

In this session, you'll gain a solid understanding and competency with the JD Edwards Inventory Management system, including how to use Inventory management to ensure a smoothly flowing transaction process and best practices in Procurement.



  • Product Definition
  • Item Master Types
  • Item Master/ Item Branch Information
  • Manufactured Item Information
  • Inventory Management Foundation
  • Application Set Up
  • Warehouse Operations - Transaction Processing
  • Inventory Inquiries
  • Other Inventory Control



  • Procurement Overview
  • Supplier/Item Set Up
  • Inventory Order Processing
  • Receipt Processing
  • Non-Inventory Order Processing
  • Inventory/Procurement Case Studies
Finished Goods Material Planning

The main objective of a finished goods planning system is to have the right items in the right quantities available at the right time to meet the demand for a company's products. To that end, the JD Edwards system provides Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP); all of which are designed to determine requirements for materials and to keep their priorities current.

Gain a basic understanding of JD Edwards Material Requirements Planning, including industry best practices, basic forecasting techniques, item set up, MRP generation, MRP message processing, and more


  • Intro to Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • MRP Processes
  • MRP Set Up
  • Finished Goods Planning Case Studies

Shop Floor Management

Plans turn into execution on the shop floor. Within JD Edwards, Shop Floor Management is used to define the manufacturing process and to produce saleable products. This section shows you how combine industry best practices with JD Edwards knowledge to create a product definition for manufacturing, process work orders, manage repetitive manufacturing, efficiently handle scheduling and dispatching, and more.


  • Manufacturing Work Orders
  • Work Order Release
  • Order Generation/ Print
  • Superbackflush Material and Labor
  • Manufacturing System Set Up
  • Product Definition for Manufacturing
  • Manufactured Item Information
  • Bills of Material Overview
  • Work Center Overview
  • Item Routing Overview
  • Branch Plant Constants
  • Manufacturing Constants
  • Work Order Set Up
  • Shop Floor Management Case Studies
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Manufacturing Basic

Gain a fundamental knowledge of the core manufacturing modules: Product Data Management covering item, bill of material, and item routing set up; Operations Planning including MRP; and Shop Floor Management including manufacturing work orders, scheduling, backflushing of components, and completions to stock. Interrelationships between Manufacturing and other application areas such as Inventory Management and Procurement are examined, to give attendees an understanding of how application areas are designed to work together within the overall JD Edwards ERP system. Through hands-on exercise sessions, attendees will be taken through real-word business cases demonstrating how companies use the software to achieve optimized processes.


"The Instructor did a fantastic job with the instruction. He was funny, interesting, and answered any questions very thoughtfully. He seems very familiar with JDE and very comfortable in front of a classroom._x000D_ The user manuals are very straightforward and easy to "

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