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JDEtips Distribution and Manufacturing training covers a variety of subjects within JDE's Distribution and Manufacturing modules. You won't find a better course on topics such as Advanced Pricing, Advanced Pricing Net Change, Distribution Net Change, Inventory Management, Manufacturing Accounting, Manufacturing I, Manufacturing II, Manufacturing Planning, Procurement, and Sales Order Management.

Our mastery level training courses are targeted to power users, business analysts, and developers who require deep knowledge in the full range of JD Edwards functionality and configuring JDE to meet your business goals.

We feature frequent hands-on exercises that are fully documented with step by step screen shots, and text that clarifies what (and why) we are going through each step. You'll learn the basics, the advanced tips, and the gotchas to avoid. Our detailed training manuals will serve as a useful resource to help you sustain the knowledge you acquire during class. In addition to our standard public training, our instructors can provide onsite training that is customized to meet the requirements of your individual project and organization.

JD Edwards Distribution and Manufacturing Training - Available Courses:

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  • Advanced Pricing - Topics covered in detail the first day include best practices in creation of Price Schedules, Adjustments, Hierarchies, and Price Details. Subsequent days cover advanced topics such as rebates, free goods, order and basket repricing, and line level charges. Creative uses of the software are also covered such as using the mandatory adjustment flag to prevent user mistakes, and "Preference-driven" pricing.

  • Product Costing - Understanding Cost Roll Ups Workshop - EnterpriseOne offers a wealth of capabilities to roll item costs. The purpose of this course is to provide you with the opportunity to learn how to simulate and freeze costs for new items and to re-cost all or a subset of items on a periodic basis.

  • Inventory Management - Student learn basic setup, how to enter Inventory Transactions, perform Inventory Inquiries, Print Reports, and understand Category Codes. Students will also learn a solid working knowledge of such special processes as Bulk Inventory, Lot Processing, Container Management, Physical Inventories, UDCs, AAIs, Global Updates, and Stock Reconciliation and Integrity.

  • Manufacturing Accounting - You'll learn how to accurately cost and account for various cost components, finally get that WIP clearing account cleared, book variances by product to support product profitability analysis, sort out sources of variances, and automatically account for non-standard production activities such as rework, teardowns, and R&D pilot runs. We even demystify Actual Costing for manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing I - Attendees will gain a clear picture of what JD Edwards Manufacturing can do for their company, and come away with a solid working knowledge of the various pieces that make up core Manufacturing: Product Definition, Shop Floor Management, and Basic MRP. In addition, attendees will gain a firm understanding of how to set up the applications and how to go about implementing them.

  • Manufacturing II Implementing Lean - After attending this course, students will know how to apply Lean Principles to all aspects of their company and their JD Edwards system. Students will gain an understanding of key lean principles that can be applied to JD Edwards, including: continuous system improvement, waste elimination/removing all activities that do not add value, perfect first-time quality, and demand pull.

  • Manufacturing Planning - You'll learn what the Planning applications can do for your company, and will know how to go about implementing it. Additionally you'll come away with a solid working knowledge of the various pieces that make up Manufacturing Planning in the standard software including the Foundation Applications -- PDM, Procurement, Shop Floor, plus Forecasting, Production Planning, Multi-Plant Distribution Planning, Master Scheduling, Capacity Planning, Material Requirements Planning, and more.

  • Procurement - This course offers a great deal of procurement know-how applicable to every type of business, emphasizing real-world, time-tested solutions for the challenges facing distribution and manufacturing companies. After attending this course, students will be able to understand Procurement management, including: all relevant setup, PO generation, Purchase Order processing for Inventory and Non-Inventory purchases, Receiving and Matching, advanced features like Approval Routing and Supplier Analysis, and much more.

  • Sales Order Management - You'll learn an overview of the entire order-to-cash cycle. So even if you don't know a lot about this module, you'll get grounded in the basic knowledge you need on Day 1. You'll also learn how to effectively use Sales Order preferences, manage Supply and Demand, availability management, credit checking, inactivating customers, item restrictions, AAIs, ship confirm techniques, commissions, and much more. Most importantly, you'll be much better prepared to troubleshoot issues that you encounter.

  • Manufacturing Accounting - Work Orders and Variances Workshop - EnterpriseOne offers a feature rich method for closing work orders. The purpose of this course is to provide you with the ability to understand work order financial reporting including multiple variances.

Most courses are offered as public JD Edwards training at JDEtips University in addition to private onsite training at client locations.


"This was by far the best class I have taken for JD Edwards training. The instructor was superb. The class materials were excellent, as was the entire training environment."

Mark Greenfield, Application Architect, Temple Inland Inc.

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