Course Outline for JD Edwards Advanced Pricing Net Change Training

Over four years in development, 8.9/8.10 promises a huge number of enhancements for Advanced Pricing. In fact, we feel as though the functionality in Xe has been doubled with the release of 8.9 and 8.10. Many clients will be able to make a business case to justify an upgrade to 8.10, just because of the new features in Advanced Pricing. Get ahead of the curve with our 3-day net change class, focused on the changes in 8.9 and 8.10.

Here's what we cover:



  • Favorites
  • Turn On Advanced Pricing
  • Advanced Pricing: The Building Blocks
  • Groups in Advanced Pricing
  • Advanced Pricing Post-EnterpriseOne 8.0

Direct Price Adjustments


  • Set the Price Adjustment Retrieval Method
  • Attach Price Adjustments to a Customer Address

Buying Structures


  • Configure the System for Buying Structures
  • View Buying Structures
  • Add New Members to a Buying Structure

Tier Structure Rebates


  • Rebate Beneficiaries
  • Attach the Tier Structure Rebate Adjustment
  • Set up Rebate Adjustment Details
  • Set up Rebate Thresholds
  • Test a Price Using Check Price & Availability
  • Enter a Sales Order and Execute Sales Update
  • View Rebate History Information

Sliding Rate Adjustments


  • Volume Discounting Pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Sliding Rate Adjustments; a "New & Improved" Volume Discount

Enhanced Basket Repricing


  • Basket Repricing Pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • E1 8.10 Enhanced Basket Repricing Functionality

Supplier Proof-of-Sale Rebates


  • Supplier Proof-of-Sale Rebate Functionality
  • Setting up Supplier Proof-of-Sale Rebates

Volume Incentive Deals


  • Volume Incentive Deals Functionality

Advanced Preferences


  • What Are Preferences, Anyhow?
  • The Advanced Preference List
  • How to Access and Maintain Advanced Preferences

Sales Price Based-on Date


  • Sales Price Based-on Date Pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • E1 8.10 Sales Price Based-on Date Functionality

Extended Payment Terms


  • Payment Terms Preference Pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Extended Payment Terms Functionality

Gross Profit Margin Pricing


  • Margin Pricing pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Gross Profit Margin Pricing Functionality

Expanded Complex Groups


  • Complex Groups pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Expanded Complex Groups Functionality

Multiple UoMs in Price Deals


  • Units of Measure pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Multiple UoM Functionality

Free Goods Catalog


  • Free Goods Pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Free Goods Catalog Functionality

Volume-Based Upselling


  • Volume-Based Upselling Functionality

Related Items


  • Related Items pre EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Related Items Functionality

Rounding Rules


  • Rounding Rules pre EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Rounding Rules Functionality
  • Other Uses for Rounding Rules

Date Effective Category Codes


  • Category Codes pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Date Effective Category Code Functionality

Additional Price UoM Retrieval


  • Multiple UoM Pricing pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Additional Price Search UoM Functionality

Pricing Workbench


  • Pricing Workbench pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Pricing Workbench Functionality

Mass Maintenance


  • Accessing Mass Maintenance
  • Observations

Customer Price Lists


  • Customer Price Lists Functionality

Promotion ID


  • Promotion ID pre-EnterpriseOne 8.10
  • Promotion ID Functionality

Absolute Value Adjustments

Advanced Pricing Data Tables

Advanced Pricing Table Layouts

Price Detail Record/Group Relationships

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This course is not on our current schedule. To schedule a training session with JDEtips or to find out more information, email Lori.Stone at JDEtips dot com.

Course Pricing

Bring our public training to your facility. Please contact Sandy Acker, ERP Solutions Manager, at 1.877.832.2594 ext 140 or Sandy.Acker at JDEtips dot com.

Adv Pricing Net Change

After attending this course, students will be able to understand and use the new functionality and user interface. This course will leave you with an in-depth working knowledge of not just what's out there, but also exactly how to use it and how the changes impact the business. This is not an overview class but rather hands-on, advanced techniques.


"The Instructor should be commended for providing such excellent (and humorous) instruction in such a challenging environment. Her commitment to ensuring all students understood the material presented went well beyond all expectations."

Business Systems Analyst