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1. Flexible Commissions in 8.9
by Jane Perry (Category: Distribution--Sales Order Management)
Is there anyone out there who thinks JD Edwards has been historically weak in its ability to calculate sales commissions? OK, everyone put your hands down, please! We wouldn't point that out if we didn't have a good answer, right? Actually Jane Perry has all the answers in this article. For those of you on E1 8.9 or higher, you'll notice some new Commission functionality. You'll still need a custom report, probably, but at least the raw data is becoming more useful. Jane does a great job leading us through a detailed example of just about every possible calculation.

2. EnterpriseOne 9.2 User Interface Update 1
by Lea Dutton (Category: User Interface)
Oracle has taken a big UI leap forward with the release of the EnterpriseOne 9.2.1 UI. The 9.2 Tools Update 1 moves even more functionality into the hands of power users and will be welcomed by all. To get an overview of all 9.1 UI Features up through Update 5, check out Lea's previous JDEtips UI articles.

3. MRP and DRP Explained in Detail
by Susan Penick (Category: Manufacturing)
Benefit from the hundreds of hours other clients have spent testing MRP and DRP. Reading this 50 page document will save you many lost days and nights! Sue is a Systems Analyst at Patrick Industries, a JDE client.

4. Inventory Commitments - The Basics
by Jane Perry (Category: Distribution--Inventory)
Available and committed? In the real world, those two terms are decidedly contradictory. In JD Edwards, it's one of those concepts that can be clear as mud, unless, of course, someone takes the time to clarify things. And Jane Perry is the perfect person to tackle Inventory Availability Commitments. In this article, Jane will explain the terminology involved, review the system setup requirements for commitment processing, test various scenarios, and then wrap it up with a discussion on the Repost Active Sales Order application. Ready to commit now?

5. A Guide to Financial AAIs, Part 1 - The Fundamental Concepts
by Sarah Gavin (Category: Financials)
This is part 1 of a series of articles explaining the concepts of the Automatic Accounting Instructions in the Financial module, which are otherwise known as the "Financial AAIs". This article provides some business case examples of how the Financial AAIs could be further expanded to maximize their functionality, and help companies improve their processes and reporting.

6. An Overview of the JDE DRP/MPS/MRP Planning Process with Gotchas That Lurk
by Terry Horner (Category: Manufacturing)
An overview of the planning processes for DRP, MPS, and DRP. We describe the behavior of the various planning levels, give you some tips on how to best use them, then provide the gotchas. And if you thought "time fencing" was just a buzz word, don't stop reading until you get to the section where we explain how to improve the validity and stability of your DRP/MPS/MRP messages and to reduce the "nervousness" of your messages through fence policies and procedures.

7. Stock Reconciliation and Integrity
by Ian Simmons, Xayce PLC (Category: Distribution--Inventory)
What can you say about a perfect white paper? Other than we're sorry (you didn't have it when you first implemented JDE)? Ian has produced an incredibly detailed 27 page paper which deals with one of the main problems in any automated system integrity between the Item Ledger and the Inventory Account in the General Ledger. I used to dread those phone calls--"Andy, how come these two systems don't reconcile?" Ian discusses integrity checks the system way, followed by a technical section that goes through techniques for performing reconciliations outside of the system, and/or defining new reports you may want.

8. Cafe One - A Basic Tutorial
by Carl Goossen (Category: User Interface)
Cafe One is a user interface feature introduced with E1 9.0 to help users customize their E1 experience. This article gives us a great overview of the evolution and functionality of Cafe One. It explains what it is and what it does. It then demonstrates a walk-through of how to set it up, including Publishing Groups, Enabling Base Forms, Creating layouts, and Publishing to others, with some additional features.

9. How to Configure Automatic Bank Reconciliation
by Kris Olson (Category: Financials--Accounts Payable)
Auto Bank Reconciliation has been available since release 8.11, but has not been widely implemented. This article offers an overview of the functionality that currently exists in 9.2, which has not changed greatly since 8.11. It provides an overview of the process, including what it does and does not do, then details the setup steps and walks us through the process soup to nuts.

10. Order to Cash Overview
by Julie McNight (Category: Financials--Accounts Receivable)
You're in the A/R department at your company, and you see Invoices coming over from the Sales Order system. You'd like to know more about how Sales generates Invoices, and the interface between A/R and Sales, but you can't spare a few days to attend a Sales Order class. What do you do? How about reading this white paper (written in "training manual" style)? Then you'll be ready to amaze your co-workers, and perhaps even explain A/R to the Sales Order folks.

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