Careers in JD Edwards Consulting

How Do I Get Started?

If you have a functional background in finance, supply chain management, HR/Payroll, or customer relationship management, you will likely focus on the application side of JD Edwards as you seek to become a consultant.

On the technical side, there is a distinction to be made between two main career paths: JD Edwards developer and JD Edwards CNC. CNC stands for Configurable Network Computing, and represents the networking and security side of JD Edwards.

JD Edwards developers (also called programmers) typically have an RPG background for JDE's World Software client base. Developers interested in starting an EnterpriseOne career typically are already skilled C or Web programmers. Technical resources with a strong business process background will usually find it easier to find a position than those who are strictly technical.

With those distinctions in mind, how do you become a JDE consultant in today's marketplace?

We cannot, in good conscience, recommend that you take a job with a client, with the intent of leaving after a year or two to join a consulting firm. That kind of poaching goes on all too often, and isn't fair to the JDE client community.

Instead, we recommend approaching the large system integrators (Oracle's Diamond Partners) and also the larger independent business partners (Oracle's Platinum Partners). With the 20%+ increase in JD Edwards revenue that is happening every year for Oracle, that means Oracle's JDE partners need to hire thousands of JDE consultants worldwide every year.

Who are the Diamond Partners? Infosys, Accenture, Tata, Hitachi, Wipro, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini, and IBM.

Platinum Partners include: KPIT, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, Systime, CSS International, EVRY Applications, Red Rock Consulting, Syntax Systems, CD Group, Elitesland, Jardine OneSolution, ICS, Redfaire, Denovo, Mitchell & Associates, Al-Falak, and quite a few others. To find them all, go to and search by keyword for Platinum, and by Solution, Applications = JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

How to apply for a consulting position: Every company these days posts available openings to various job sites, and also recruits all the time on their websites. For example, take a look at this page on Mitchell & Associates' website:

If you are a "newbie" without any JDE background, you may face stiff competition. There may be dozens of other "newbies" applying for the same opening. To stand out from the crowd, you need to do more than just apply online. Andy Klee, Founder of JDEtips, has written a guide to finding employment, which we recommend you read and put to use. To access this document, click here. For excellent free job hunting advice, join Andy's Job Hunting Tips group on LinkedIn.

What if you are a JDE "newbie", but you have relevant industry experience? If you are applying for a position as a JDE consultant and coming from a manufacturing, distribution, or accounting background you will find that you are in demand. Your skills as a production planner, warehouse manager, or accountant will make it much easier for you to understand the JD Edwards software and translate what it does to address your future clients' requirements. If you have worked with other ERP systems, you'll find similarities to JD Edwards that will make the transition to JDE smoother.

Finally, what about SAP? Everyone "knows" that SAP pays better, right? Wrong!! According to the latest Dice survey of IT salaries, JD Edwards consultants are paid more than SAP consultants. So, let everyone else chase SAP—you be the smart one and join the JDE family—you'll find great software, a supportive ecosystem, and clients that need and appreciate your skills.

And of course, when you land that job, ask your employer to send you to JDEtips for training. There is no better way to get yourself to the point where you can contribute to both JDE clients and your employer.

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