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Do you have real-world JD Edwards knowledge you're willing to share? We'd love to help you get published.

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Authoring is basically documenting the expertise you already have.

Writing Guidelines

Including the space your screen captures will take, articles are ideally 8-12 pages in length (not limited to). Please choose a topic that is not documented elsewhere—a fresh, new approach that will pique our readers' interests. Include creative applications of the software, innovative workarounds, or best practices based on your first-hand, real-life experiences.

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Suggested Topics

There are hundreds of potential ideas. On a good day you probably are doing several things with JDE that many clients would benefit from knowing about. Creative solutions, undocumented features, and overviews of new functionality are typically what our readers respond to.

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T. Nellissery, L&T Infotech
"JDEtips is well-known among JDE Clients and Partners as a reputable publication in the field. Publication of an article in the Knowledge Express is a good measure of my knowledge in JDE topics and is a motivation to keep myself abreast of the latest developments in JDE. After my articles were published, many people recognized me as a JDE expert."

K. Olson, City of Brantford
"While many of us JDE folks find it easy to 'Think JDE', few take the opportunity to write about it. In this new world of digital sharing and online collaboration, why not try it? Taking the time to document your expert opinions in a manner that is readable and understandable to others not just improves your own command of the material, but can serve to enhance your reputation with the wider JDE community."