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EASYProcess: No-Code Development Platform

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EASYProcess is K-Rise Systems' flagship product. This powerful enterprise development platform is the framework for all of K-Rise Systems' products. EASYProcess integrates real-time data and transactions with JD Edwards and is a zero-code (no-programming) canvas based widget drag and drop application.

EASYProcess allows for the building of:

       Complex Web Portal Applications
       Mobile Applications
       Data Integration
       Web Services
       Any Middleware Need
       SharePoint Friendly

EASYProcess is a team-friendly development platform which can be quickly adopted by IT and business alike, with a learning curve as low as two weeks. Companies committed to EASYProcess development can double the number of useful integration projects or full-fledged enterprise applications brought live each year. By taking advantage of K-Rise Systems' accomplished management and development staff, projects that previously spanned 2 or 3 years can go live in 6 months, reaching R.O.I. immediately.

This solution can be deployed On-Prem.Cloud/SaaS, or Hosted. We support Cloud data centers like Amazon AWS. Recently, we launched EASYProcess into the Cloud, allowing for One-Click Provisioning.

Discover how EASYProcess works yourself here.

"Using EASYProcess saved us several hundred thousand dollars in our first year alone."

Jay Petri, CIO, Carico

"EASYProcess is a major factor is our most successful year ever at Caltrol."

Steve Murphy, Director of IT, Caltrol
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About K-Rise

Founded on the principle that 'there must be a better way', K-Rise strives to give customers better and more efficient ways to work with JD Edwards.

All products offer tremendous flexibility for the building of new applications and portals as well as numerous pre-built apps and portals available with surprisingly little implementation time. Readily share development work with your IT department and make it easier for programmers to pick up where others left off.

EASYProcess has brought a 'wow' to the lips of many JD Edwards veterans, a 'whew' to the brow of their IT managers, and a 'Cha-Ching!' from their CIO.

Video Testimonial

"Our E1 installation would not be complete without EASYProcess"
Jay Petri, CIO,
Carico International