JD Edwards Training

Public or private training taught by JDEtips experts.

Virtual learning is an option for attending training with JDEtips. You can sign up for the same live classes offered at our training facility, yet attend from the comfort of your own location. Many of our virtual classes are offered in a half-day (4 hours per day) format.

Mastery Level Training

Our mastery level JD Edwards training classes are aimed squarely at project team members (IT staff and key business users) responsible for understanding the full range of JD Edwards functionality and configuring JD Edwards to best handle your business processes. We cover end-to-end business processes, required and optional setup, transaction flows, and the technical knowledge you need to be successful on the job.

Our JD Edwards training courses feature frequent hands-on exercises that are fully documented with step by step screen shots, and text that clarifies what (and why) we are going through each step. You'll learn the basics, the advanced tips, and the gotchas to avoid. Our detailed training manuals will serve as a useful resource to help you sustain the knowledge you acquire during class.

Basic Training

Our basic JD Edwards training courses are designed for those who are experienced in their respective field but new to JD Edwards. Each JDE training course introduces the purpose and general functionality of the module, reviews the master data involved, points of integration, core transaction processing, and reports. These courses are ideal for key business users charged with ownership during a JD Edwards implementation. Graduates are fully prepared to understand how to run JD Edwards and participate in training other end users.

The JD Edwards training sessions include basic instruction, advanced tips, live discussion, demonstration, and hands-on exercises. Because these classes are designed for new users, detailed configuration knowledge is not taught.

What differentiates JDEtips from other sources of JD Edwards education?

  • Instructors: All are very experienced full-time implementers of JDE, so JDEtips JD Edwards training courses are based on real world problems that clients typically face. Every JD Edwards concept we cover is taught within the framework of real business processes.

  • Detailed JD Edwards Training Manuals: Our JD Edwards training manuals are more detailed, and feature more step-by-step screen shots than anyone else's JD Edwards training manuals.

  • Company Focus: The focus of our entire company, including senior management, is on providing excellent project team training for JD Edwards clients.

All students in our public and private classes will be invited to join the JDEtips University Alumni group on LinkedIn. Network with other JDEtips students, and help each other deal with the real world issues we all face. JDEtips instructors are also involved, providing online guidance.

To find out how JDEtips can help you succeed, contact Sales at JDEtips dot com.


"...addressed my specific needs versus other training I've taken that only covers standard situations..."

"...very qualified instructors good at conveying concepts and explaining details..."

"...this course allowed me to open my eyes on how JD Edwards works as a whole system."

Public Training

Public classes are all Guaranteed to Run. When you sign up for a class, you are 100% guaranteed that the class will be held. JDEtips public classes are held four hours per day with an instructor-led virtual training environment.

Private Training

As a supplemental offering to our public JD Edwards training classes, JDEtips offers private JDE training for project teams and super users. These personalized training sessions offer a great alternative to our standard public sessions.