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EASYPayment v4.8 - New Functionality, SaaS Enabled & More!

Removes PCI Scope from your LAN & Enables SAQ Form A

Companies realize credit card breaches & cyber-crime affects their potential liability with asking for their customers' credit card data. Both credit card automation & PCI security needs to be factored into your JDE credit card solution decision.

EXCLUSIVE: EASYPayment v4.8 is the first full SaaS cloud (Rackspace) credit card solution to the JDE community. When considering where to locate (on premises vs. cloud) your company's credit card server...when factoring all the implications with cardholder data / PCI Scope (systems subject to a PCI audit), outsourcing is the better option. Customers also have the option of deploying EASYPayment on premises.

EASYPayment is completely re-architected to exclusively use payment gateway hosted payment forms so all cardholder data is removed from our customer's LAN. This approach enables our customers to complete SAQ Form A (not D) for compliance regulations (review PCI DSS section for more detail.)

EASYPayment v4.8 JDE Credit Card Automation/Security Functionality:

  • JDE Credit Card Sales Orders for either P4210 or P42101
  • JDE Invoices "Collections" Payment, Full or Partial / Single or Multiple Invoices
  • Tokenization - Storage of Card Data at the Payment Gateway for Future Use - Allowing for Subsequent Orders and Follow-Up Transaction Usage - Can't be Reversed Engineered
  • Hosted Payment Forms so Data Entry & Processing Occurs at the Payment Gateway
  • E-Commerce JDE Web Sales Orders with EASYCommerce or any Storefront Solution like Magneto
  • Email Confirmation & Alerts: Triggered Email, Sophisticated Workflow
  • Split-Payment Functionality across Multiple Cards
  • Order-To-Cash: Full Automation for: Authorization, Settlement/Capture and Batch A/R Update
  • Multiple Payment Gateways/Processors: Authorize.Net, CyberSource, Moneris, BluePay, etc

EASYPayment v4.8 SaaS Deployment: Benefits:

  • Security - The Rackspace data center is a PCI-DSS Compliant Infrastructure
  • Simple - Because K-Rise Systems takes care of all the infrastructure set-up and security, it means that you can concentrate on running your business.
  • Environments with Version Management - EASYPayment implementations involve three environments: Development, Test/QA and Production. These environments already exist with multi-tenant SaaS deployment.
  • Quick Implementation - With no project infrastructure concerns, start to go-live can be accomplished in as little as 3-4 weeks.
  • Compliance - Reduced PCI scope simplifies mandatory PCI DSS compliance requirements and reduces associated operating costs.
  • Cost Savings - Virtual or Physical Windows IIS & SQL servers are expensive especially when factoring Microsoft maintenance. All that is eliminated with SaaS.

How does EASYProcess make it possible?

EASYProcess is the development platform that is the framework for EASYPayment. This platform uses a GUI interface (eliminating coding) to connect all of your data sources and create applications with complex business rules according to your specific requirements.

Learn more about how EASYProcess integrates with JDE, uses Data Orchestration, and how middleware, portals, and enterprise development come together so easily. When you understand the power EASYProcess delivers, you will want to email us for that demo!

What Do Our Customers Say?

"IMP was able to integrate K-Rise Systems' EASYProcess toolkit into our eCommerce website and JD Edwards within two days after taking three days of on-site training and mentoring." Andrew Tulloch, Systems Analyst, IMP Group

Interested in a demo or looking for more info? Please email us.

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Founded on the principle that 'there must be a better way', K-Rise strives to give customers better and more efficient ways to work with JD Edwards.

All products offer tremendous flexibility for the building of new applications and portals as well as numerous pre-built apps and portals available with surprisingly little implementation time. Readily share development work with your IT department and make it easier for programmers to pick up where others left off.

EASYProcess has brought a 'wow' to the lips of many JD Edwards veterans, a 'whew' to the brow of their IT managers, and a 'Cha-Ching!' from their CIO.

Video Testimonial

"Our E1 installation would not be complete without EASYProcess"
Jay Petri, CIO,
Carico International