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about JDEtips Knowledge Express

"I always start with your site first as the answers, if they exist, are much easier to find and more usable to the actual users."

P. Brandolini, JDE Program Manager, UTC Global Fire Products

"JDEtips Library is an invaluable resource for me...keep up the good work."

L. Abernethy, Finance Systems Manager, Keg Restaurants Ltd

An Oracle consultant subscribed to JDEtips Knowledge Express, commenting that "Learning through Oracle resources can be very challenging!"

"I urge you to get a subscription to JDEtips whether your company will get a full corporate subscription (the absolute best buy) or you have to get one for yourself. You will find that even their oldest docs have valuable information and they are written in a way that even non-technical users can understand. I do not work for, have stock in or any other type of business relationship with JDEtips, except as a very satisfied subscriber and having been lucky enough to have attended some of their training classes. If my company stopped subscribing I would have to get a subscription of my own! It is amazingly inexpensive!"

L. Park, Business Analyst, ServiceMaster

"My experience with one JDEtips customer was related to a very complex manufacturing concern in JDE E1 software. As a result of a JDEtips Knowledge Express article the customer was able to self-assess their best approach to solve that issue, and to then make the needed changes a permanent part of their configuration, standard process, and procedures. The unique result was the customer accomplished this without external consultant support which achieved a very favorable cost control."

P. Cudmore, Director, JD Edwards Support Services, Spinnaker Support

"I read through JDEtips article on installing the E1 9.1 Standalone software, and thought, why not do that as a weekend challenge?

Well, your author, Russ Bartunek, did a fantastic job in guiding through the installation step-by-step, including several common gotcha's.

I was able to successfully install the E1 9.1 Standalone system within a few hours (with most of that just wait time for installations). Now I can start checking out an E1 9.1 system.

Thanks for the great article!"

D. Sauve, Programmer/Analyst, Wagstaff, Inc.

"I wanted to give a big thank you to Penny Allen! I am a developer that has had very little exposure to Financial Reporting and Tabular Sections in particular. The documentation on tabular sections that I found elsewhere was not helpful and I was very happy to find this article. It helped a great deal to solve a problem that I'd been working with all week! I should have went to JDEtips first. Thanks!"

M. Mowrey, JD Edwards Application Developer, Information Technology, LAYNE

"We have now implemented the configurator to make our wooden crates for shipping product. The JDEtips whitepaper with examples (making window frames) was the bible to understand the configurator."

R. van Rooyen, Enterprise Architecture Manager, Multotec (Pty) Ltd

"The information in the Journals and training manuals has been invaluable to our organization. We are small and resources are limited, so this site and the support is so well worth the small fee. Thank you."

E. Downing, Corporate Services Manager, Enable New Zealand

"I learned how the use of Mandatory Adjustments in Advanced Pricing can enforce multiple order quantities in a JDEtips article. JDEtips is a valuable resource which provides creative ways to go beyond the conventional approach to using JD Edwards."

M. Burns, Senior Consultant, CD Group

"I wanted to thank JDEtips for your assistance with our EDI project. With the support of Brian, I was able to complete the entire inbound and outbound process with our trading partner. Publishing Brian's EDI Overview in JDEtips was the starting point for us and supplied 90% of the information I required to complete the project. Your overview saved us time, aggravation, and money.

Thanks again guys, and if I require any further assistance in the future with EDI I will be calling."

M. Norman, PMP, Sr. Systems Analyst, Christie Digital

"We use the JDEtips Document Library on a regular basis. We particularly like the simple explanations to complex issues. One of the huge benefits is that the articles often highlight pitfalls to watch out for when turning on new features. We just turned up Electronic Funds Transfers within Accounts Payable. The article told exactly what to do and more importantly what NOT to do. It saved hours of set up time and we avoided a lot of frustration. As a matter of course, we check the document library before doing anything major within JDE. It is chock full of pieces of gold!"

T. Whalen, Director of IT, Armtec

"I have been engaged for close to two years in helping with integration project here at Berry and boy do I wish I knew about this tool earlier. The articles are great!

Just this past couple of weeks I have been engaged in investigating strategy and plan for standardized purging of the F4201 / F4211 to the F42019 / F42119 and purge beyond. The article written by David Johnson - Purging Sales Order Files - was a great starting point, Gave me some insight into the way JDE is designed to work, what programs are available, and start on a game plan to get Berry Plastics there.

I keep using this as a resource every day. Great articles and great site. Thanks!"

J. Karsh, Integration Manager, Berry Plastics Corporation

"I recently needed to find a way to run transfers through a Zprocessor, something that I discovered JDE does not do. I immediately went to JDEtips, searched the Document Library and found this article from February 2005: Batch Creation of Sales Transfer Orders by Craig Potter. The article was a goldmine! Granted, I had a few stumbling blocks due to some custom programming, and some difficulty with the business function, but in the end, I was able to build batch transfers for the orders sent from our Supply Chain system. I was even able to connect with the author and get some pointers and confirmation that I was on the right track. Thank you for JDEtips!"

B. Osborne, Senior Technical Analyst, Continental Mills

"JDEtips has proven to be valuable in our EnterpriseOne implementation. Team members consistently find articles relevant to the project. Recent examples include articles on UDCs and bar code scanning which have helped in our evaluation/re-evaluation of setup and offered some direction based on evaluated solutions."

A. Pryce, Director of Applications Development, Amarr Garage Doors

"Our consulting firm subscribes to JDEtips Journal in order to obtain a better understanding of JDE functionality, and to pick up advice on the "nuances" of JDE programs. One of their articles on printing barcodes on JDE output saved a ton of time and expense. Excellent Journal - keep up the good work!"

T. Simonton, Independent Consultant

"My company recently started getting into the Manufacturing world. We are researching the JDE Manufacturing module to see how we could make it work for our business. As many I'm sure are aware, the JDE manuals can be a good resource but sometimes the information you find is too generic and / or too specific. That's when I come to JDEtips to research topics. I found great articles such as the Introduction to Manufacturing Accounting that guides the reader through a detailed case study with T-Accounts, DMAAI's and program setup help."

S. Kemper, Information Engineer, Chiquita

"I wanted to let you know how valuable your JDEtips publication is to me. I read it cover to cover. In many instances, I learn about areas that I am not directly involved with on a daily basis. This only helps to make JDE more of an Enterprise System for me. I look forward to seeing the publication notice arrive in my email. Thanks again for a great job!"

J. Bond, Systems Analyst II, Cook Communication Ministries

"JDEtips was able to provide me with a solution that I could not find on the Knowledge Garden. Even JDE's Help Desk in Denver could not help me. A solution was found in the JDEtips Journal for a problem that I had spent weeks trying to solve."

V. Chai, Database Administrator, Art in Motion

"Andy, the JDEtips article on rounding (unit prices) was INCREDIBLE! After reading it I was able to fix something that had plagued the company for years in a matter of minutes. THANKS!!!!!"

LL. Spurlock, Walco International

"Thank you very much for sharing the May 2003 JDEtips article on Delinquency Fees with me!! I greatly appreciate you bringing this article to my attention! Your product has been a very helpful tool for us! I was pleasantly surprised to have received a personal email from you containing the article that directly relates to the topic I am working on. Your personable customer service is GREATLY appreciated!"

K. Ehnert, Staff Accountant, Arvig Communication Systems

This quote is from an email that came to us accidentally. The names have been changed. "Michael....could we consider subscribing? I've been using some of the free ones and the site would give Scott and I user contact opportunities as well as JDE feature reviews...it's a lot cheaper than consulting for everything and we are unaware of so many of the application features." - Christine.

"Too bad I had to figure all this out the hard way about 2 years ago. None of our consultants even hinted at a way to do this (customize DBA's) without code changes. Articles like this unleash what seem to be secrets that are closely guarded by other consulting firms."

IT Staff, IMP Group

"AARP considers JDEtips a valuable resource tool for supporting our JDE EnterpriseOne XE applications. You have provided great information that has helped the end user community with year end closing, 1099 processing and year end reporting. Our support team has also implemented several tips you published on report generation, and subledger processing. Thank you for producing such quality information at a great price!"

L. Dinwiddie, Manager of Application Support, AARP

"I sure wish we had read your tip on Vendor Consigned Inventory before we implemented it a different way. Your way would have saved us much time and effort, and given us better control over the process."

T. Haskovec, Applications Manager, Ennis Business Forms, Inc.

"Your company's knowledge base has been leveraged by myself and others here at Simplot. I am highly recommending that we as a company subscribe to your Journal as the information it contains is very beneficial."

L. Nelson, Business Analyst, JR Simplot

"Wow! Thanks so much for sending this information to us/me! (Manufacturing Accounting Issue) This is the first time that I actually had time to surf around the tips area and it is awesome."

C. Cooper, Deloitte & Touche

"Awesome job! I struggled with preferences during our implementation. Will definitely use this information."

Rhonda Laiche, Borden Chemicals and Plastics

"Thanks to your tip regarding Item restrictions we were able to save several thousand dollars in special programming expense. This tip alone is worth the price of a multi-reader subscription."

G. McKelvey, JDE Implementation Team Member at Hartmann, Inc.

"Thanks, Andy--great subject (Preference Processing Issue) and the updated site looks terrific!"

S. McCook, Gateway

"Oceaneering has used the JDE Financial and Job Cost modules for many years. We've recently implemented purchase to inventory in many locations and that is a whole new concept to many of our employees. We can use tips on a vast array of subjects relative to these modules and are looking forward to these tools!".

L. Morse, Director of Purchasing and Materials Management, Oceaneering International, Inc.

"I would like to start by saying the tip on Item Restrictions by Customer and Product Groups is OUTSTANDING!!!! I have a client that really could have used this tip. Luckily, they didn't spend thousands trying to reprogram the system, as they had other priorities. I forwarded the tip to them, and it should alleviate some of their pains when they send a proprietary item to a competitor (which does happen, despite all of their efforts)."

W. Byrd, Senior JDEdwards Consultant, Divine

"An excellent alternative...you rock dude!"

R. Bartunek, Area Specialist, Distribution and Financials, JD Edwards

"Hey, we better subscribe if Deloitte and Touche Solutions did. Can't afford to be left behind."

From a business partner consultant to his manager

"This is awesome. It looks like you've come a long way in a short period of time."

N. Alsup, Manager Distribution-Logistics, JD Edwards

"As always you are providing excellent advice, and /or reminding me about a functionality that I had forgotten about."

R. Jackson, marchFIRST

"...being new to JDE myself I thought the Journal was a great forum for issues. I expect to be reading and using the information contained quite a bit!"

From a new JDE consultant

"I think JDEtips is a great idea and worth far more than the subscription price! I'll definitely pass it around and give a copy to my manager with my recommendation."

A Senior JDE Consultant

"Congrats Andy!!!!!!! I will pass it on to higher management in Asia."
N. Chew, Client Manager, JDE Singapore

"Your Journal is a tremendous idea. The concept has been brought up for years, to have a repository of the solutions for the difficult requirements. Thanks for putting it together."

J. Haugen, Area Specialist, JD Edwards

"Good idea and well executed."

P. Workman, former President of an Energy/Chemical SIG

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