Houghton International and JDEtips

A Customer Success Story

The Client

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Houghton International

Houghton serves the metalworking, automotive and steel industries — and a variety of other markets — with the development, production and management of the highest quality specialty chemicals, oils and lubricants.

The Key Players

Alex Haddad, Senior Supply Chain Business Analyst & Project Manager, Houghton International
Alex has been with Houghton International since 2010, with a break of two years (2012-2013) where he was a JDE consultant.

Ute Cole, Senior Distribution Consultant, JDEtips
Ute has been a JD Edwards specialist since 1998, fulfilling both client and consultant roles. Her expertise is in the JDE Distribution Suite.

The Timeline

Houghton International's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Timeline

Building the European Support Team

Houghton recently rolled out JDE to their UK offices A support structure was needed for the rest of Europe, and Alex knew the quickest way to get there was to train the UK IT staff. Two students signed up from the UK, and Alex then offered the remaining seats to other business units. They jumped at the opportunity and immediately filled the class.

Online vs. On Premise

"Even though the classes were taught online we felt like we were all in the same physical classroom. Taking the course privately, and virtually was a tremendous benefit—we were able to share knowledge and ideas across our geographies. To accommodate the different locations, classes were held from 8:00 AM to Noon, Eastern time."

The Bundle

Alex continues: "Everyone raved about the JDEtips instructor, Ute Cole—she knows her stuff, all the details, plus a broad understanding of the entire JDE solution. Ute made sure that our team also learned the downstream effects and the integration of the Inventory, Procurement, and Sales Order Management modules with each other and the Financials. Ute's evaluation scores were excellent—a near perfect 4.78 on a 5 point scale."

During the class there was time for interaction on many aspects of their JDE setup, including:

   • Modules available but not utilized yet.
   • Houghton specific processes and alternate methods to accomplish them in JDE.
   • Standard JDE functions available for Houghton to begin using.

"From a budget point of view, we were able to take advantage of JDEtips bundled training. A series of related classes that normally requires 120 hours (15 full days), if taken separately, were offered on a bundled basis in 80 hours (10 full days)."

Ultimately, Why Train?

We asked Alex what he felt were the top three benefits from having his team attend class. He responded:

   • Upgrading the skill level of the team.
   • Preparing a new country (Germany) for the JDE rollout.
   • Building the skills needed for the core team to support the international locations.

"Providing training for our key business user in Germany, which is our next rollout country, has greatly improved our probability of success in that country. He didn't even know how to spell JDE before the training and now he's our best key user in adopting the Houghton Global standard. Being able to deliver a global standard that everyone understands is a huge win for us."

JDEtips congratulates Alex and Houghton on their successful rollout of JD Edwards to their international locations in the UK and Europe.

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