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JDEtips Deep Dive Workshops are eight to twelve hour workshops led by an instructor with real-world experience. You will attend virtually in half-day, 4-hour increments using our comprehensive, step-by-step workshop guides.

Allocations Workshop

EnterpriseOne Allocations can be used for many purposes including distributing expenses, creating budgets and can even be used to calculate currency conversions. There are three main types of allocations available—recurring journal entries, indexed allocations, and advanced variable numerator allocations. Learn which is the correct solution for your organization, whether that is one method, a combination of two methods, or even all three.

Cost Roll Ups Workshop

EnterpriseOne offers a wealth of capabilities to roll item costs. The purpose of this twelve hour workshop is to provide you with the opportunity to learn how to simulate and freeze costs for new items and to re-cost all or a subset of items on a periodic basis.

Multicurrency Workshop

EnterpriseOne offers a wealth of multicurrency functionality. The purpose of this twelve hour workshop is to provide you with the opportunity to explore the most frequently used multicurrency applications and processes.

Work Orders / Variances Workshop

EnterpriseOne offers a feature rich method for closing work orders. The purpose of this twelve hour workshop is to provide you with the ability to understand work order financial reporting including multiple variances.


"...addressed my specific needs versus other training I've taken that only covers standard situations..."

"...very qualified instructors good at conveying concepts and explaining details..."

"...this course allowed me to open my eyes on how JD Edwards works as a whole system."

Why JDEtips?
What differentiates JDEtips from other sources of JD Edwards education?

Instructors: All are very experienced full-time implementers of JDE, so JDEtips JD Edwards training courses are based on real world problems that clients typically face. Every JD Edwards concept we cover is taught within the framework of real business processes.

JD Edwards Training Manuals: Our training manuals are more detailed, and feature more step-by-step screen shots than anyone else's JD Edwards training manuals.

Company Focus: The focus of our entire company, including senior management, is on providing excellent project team training for JD Edwards clients.
Public Training

Public classes are all Guaranteed to Run. When you sign up for a class, you are 100% guaranteed that the class will be held. JDEtips public classes are held four hours per day with an instructor-led virtual training environment.

Private Training

Private training is the perfect option for groups or if you require customized training. We help you get the most out of your JDE investment by increasing the knowledge of your power users and project teams making your team more efficient and giving your company the ability to use JDE to its full potential.