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What JD Edwards User Forums Are Available?

JD Edwards's strength (deep and broad functionality) is also its potential Achilles' heel. Flexibility and functionality typically mean complexity when it comes to ERP packages.

That means it sometimes takes rocket science to figure out how to configure JDE to do what you need it to do.

First, here's what we think a good JDE user forum site is, and what it is not.
A good site is:
  • A site that has a deep reservoir of questions and answers on a wide range of JD Edwards functional and technical topics.
  • A site that has real answers from experienced consultants and clients.
  • A site that has a sufficient number of members interacting to reach 'critical mass'.
  • A site that restricts or bans the amount of pure marketing by members.
A good site is not:
  • Overrun with posts by 'freshers' who have no experience implementing JDE.
  • A place where the majority of posts are thinly disguised marketing pitches for JD Edwards (or even non-JDE) services and products.
  • One that has so few active, qualified members, that you cannot trust you are getting qualified responses to your questions.

Frankly, there is not another third party site for user interaction that comes close to www.JDElist.com. They are the only JDE site where members ask questions and other members provide answers.

Hundreds of people are on the site or receiving posts by email every day.

Specific technical issues typically get more attention than application questions, or general questions like "how does JDE work?"

Do your homework, be specific about your question and what you've tried so far, list your configuration, and you should get some helpful responses.

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JDEtips has an online library of hundreds of articles on functional and technical topics, called Knowledge Express. The techniques documented will help you unlock the full power of JD Edwards.

Please Note: The Intro to JDE pages on this site are intended to be brief summaries for JD Edwards customers who are encountering JD Edwards for the first time. For more advanced knowledge, please review the articles in our JD Edwards Library, and our JD Edwards Training offerings for JDE clients.