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Attendees rate our classes an average of 4.5 out of 5.0. Read comments below about JDEtips public and private training engagements.

Success Stories—read highlights and results from two of our customers.


Fixed Assets - K. Fabijanic, Boston Properties
Why did I wait so long to take this class?!? I've already solved several issues and have a path to test solutions for others.

General Accounting - A. Zelinsky, First Capital Realty
"Sarah has delivered the training in a very clear, efficient and effective way. I would not [have been] able to go through the manual in such a short period of time without her professional guidance. Sarah knows the system very well and it takes seconds for her to answer even the most complex questions. Also, Sarah is an amazing instructor because she is very successful in explaining complex concepts in a simple, 'digestible' way, and giving relevant and informative examples."

General Accounting - P. Verranault, Skanska USA
"I have been working in JDE for three years now and this class gave me the background I needed to understand the basic Accounting set ups and the interaction with other modules we use."

General Accounting - D. Trease, Dream Unlimited Corp.
"[The training was] better in some ways than previous in-class training. Found that instructor could assist faster with the online class setting. [Instructor was a] superb communicator, knowledgeable of JD Edwards and extremely experienced [with a] real-world finance background."

Fixed Assets - T. Lance, City of Fort Collins, CO
"Manual was well designed and examples pertinent to topics being covered. This was beneficial in understanding how JDE processes the data and determining the end user results."

Accounts Receivable - T. Ryley, West Frasier Mills
"Small class sizes and individual attention were extremely helpful to learning. Many useful tips were offered, and hands on experience assisted in my understanding of the topics covered."

Basic Financials - A. Hong, RiceTec, Inc.
"Lea was the best part of the training. One of the best instructors I've had the pleasure of working with. She's very nice, knowledgable, patient and helpful...even after class she was very willing to help and research issues we had."

Fixed Assets - C. Francis, Gov of Bermuda
The demo system, instruction and manual are first class.

Accounts Payable - D. Hill, Assa Abloy
"This is the only training I have had and it was AWESOME!"

Accounts Payable - C. Jackson, Assa Abloy
"We were shown JDE from beginning to end. By this I mean set up type functions that we have never been shown."

Accounts Receivable - G. Thevallil, Graymont
"Bob conducted an excellent class. His thorough knowledge of JDE Financials was impressive. He always took care to answer our questions and clear any doubts before proceeding. Excellent job! I look forward to attending other JDEtips classes in the future."


Sales Order Management - B. Erhart, Hamilton Telecomm
"I liked how the class was structured. We covered a wide variety of topics in a short period of time, and each day we were able to build on the knowledge we gained from before. I also appreciated how we were able to study the setup and implementation of different applications, which helped with knowledge retention. The instructor was knowledgeable and helpful, the workshop manuals were informative, and the training environment was a valuable tool to assist in learning, as well."

Advanced Pricing - N. Liu, Ventura Foods
"Great teacher with everything you can ask for in an excellent JDE trainer. Deep knowledge on the subject matter, hands-on, real-world implementation experience, addressed every single question users had, and a great personality made a long class really enjoyable. Highly recommended."

Inventory Management - T. Travers, Tiffany and Company
"The manuals are easy to follow and jam packed with great examples and explanations. I will definitely use them to refer back to in my day to day."

Sales Order Management - G. Tadena, Viva Energy Australia
"Bernie is an excellent and effective instructor. He knows what he is teaching and with that, we, as his students, trust him on this. Looking forward to more training with Bernie."

Advanced Pricing - N. Liu, Ventura Foods
From initial inquiry to course delivery to follow up, the JDEtips team takes great care of users — well done!

Sales Order Management - B. Erhart, Hamilton Telecomm
"Ute was very knowledgeable about the sales order module and helped answer any questions. Her training methods were very effective. For instance, it was helpful to have her check in and see if a certain topic would be of use in our organization so we could focus on the topics that were most relevant."

Manufacturing Planning - L. Gan, JDE Consultant
"This is my third time taking JDEtips training. No doubt JDEtips has the best JDE training available."

Manufacturing Accounting - R. Paden, Gowan Company
"Your courses are the most targeted and in-depth JDE training available. They provide insights into the possibilities afforded by EnterpriseOne and challenged us to evaluate our use of the software in light of the new understandings and potential uses we discovered."

Manufacturing Planning - E. Fabros, JDE Consultant
"I've taken classroom training from another vendor previously and the JDEtips virtual class, schedule, materials and instructor are all way better.

All training components, i.e., from registration, training materials, schedule (4 hours daily instead of 8), JDE environment, instructor knowledge and real world experience are all great!

The manuals are well written just like your JDEtips whitepapers! They were very useful and easy to follow along.

The instructor had great knowledge of Manufacturing Planning. He provided us with tons of real life examples from his JDE implementation experience. Love his style of engaging students."

Configurator - J. Cheria, Kidde-Fenwal, Inc.
"As you know we have been working with Barry the past couple of weeks. Based on the interaction we have had in this short time I find Barry has the experience to help us with our configuration project. Barry's experience with JDE Configurator projects and the interfaces required will help us stay on track as we try to set up the JDE Configurator module. Beyond JDE Configurator, Barry knows JDE and office practices and politics and can offer solutions that are technically and politically viable among the functional groups interfacing with the configurator, the 'gotchas' less experienced consultants cannot help plan around. We plan on continuing to use Barry and would like to thank you for providing a very valuable resource."

Warehouse Management - J. Smyre, Conbraco Industries
"We have completed our Advanced Warehouse Training and I wanted to note that it was a pleasure working with your instructor, Andrew. I admit I was concerned what might happen using our old version of JDE, but it worked out well. We definitely were better able to relate to how the module works using our items and our own scenarios in the warehouse. Andrew helped us to work through (and therefore better understand) some issues caused by our misuse of category codes and our customizations to the sales order application. This will make us better able to prepare for the scope of work needed when we do upgrade JDE and the effort needed to include the warehouse in the process. The document Andrew provided with be a great reference using our data that later will remind us how to set up AWM. With this engagement, just like the others in the past we, are extremely happy with the services of JDEtips."

Advanced Pricing - K. Montgomery, Paul Mueller
This is one of the better classes I have attended. This class explained quite a few of the 'why is this done?' questions that I had prior to attending.

Manufacturing I - M. Greene, Trex Company
"Jim was great. Our class was knowledgeable of JDE and he changed the method to accommodate the class."

Manufacturing Planning - R. Fehrmann, SERVAgroup
"Very good, all the training I have taken through JDEtips has been excellent."

Manufacturing Accounting - M.MacKinnon, IMP Group
"Good training material that can be used for reference once class is completed."

Procurement - B. Campbell, Spirent
"The documentation was excellent."

Sales Order Management - T. Mahajan, Bolthouse Farms
"JDEtips training was in depth and very helpful. Expert instructor and manual."


Accelerated Developer Advanced - B. Brander, Henry Company
"Randy, the instructor, has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experiences, which is rare to me; many instructors are good at classroom setting but [don't] really have real world experience, which makes a huge difference. Randy knows how to connect the real world and training materials. Randy [also] went far beyond the scope of training, which I really appreciated."

Accelerated Developer Beginner - K. Robinson, The Hillman Group
"The format of the virtual class was perfect. Concepts were demoed, then performed together, then done individually. The instructor kept it well managed and having the dual monitor requirement - where we could see the instructor's session on the left, and the student's session on the right - was great."

Accelerated Developer Beginner - P. McCullough, CSS Industries
"Virtual training is a great idea!! Learn and still be able to get to your everyday work."

Accelerated Developer Beginner - T. Blancett, Ennis, Inc.
The most difficult part when it comes to mastering the many layers of JDE functionality is creating a strong, basic foundation. This class (along with the others we have taken with you guys) is excelling at helping to create that foundation/starting point.

Accelerated Developer Beginner - C. Francis, Gov of Bermuda
"This training is comprehensive and provides the tools that are necessary for development."

Accelerated Developer Advanced - N. Lerners, Land O' Lakes
"I felt this was superior to other JDE training classes. The training environment is more interactive, and instructors are able to participate directly with student desktops, which gives a very "in-person" feel to an online class."

Accelerated Developer Advanced - O. Norstrom, City of Kamloops
"Good quality for a good price."

Accelerated Developer Beginner - D. Carver, Allegheny County
Instructor did an excellent job and really knows JDE very well. He was able to troubleshoot and answer any question or problem that anyone had.

Accelerated Developer Beginner - R. Bates, Choctaw Nation
"The instructor and manuals are wonderful."

Report Writing Beginner - A. Block, Titan Machinery
"The instructor was great, she never missed a beat, she was considerate of all training levels and made sure we were all taken care of at our own speeds. She was awesome!"

Report Writing Beginner - B. Nelson, Stryker
"Everything was perfect."


Security - C. Wichman, The Hillman Group
"The instructor was very patient and was willing to answer questions outside of the course material. The material was very well defined and easy to follow."

CNC - A. Lopez, Spirax Sarco Ltd
"JDEtips consistently provides the best manuals. No exception here."


9.2 User Interface / Common Foundation - T. Goss, RectorSeal
"Sarah was fantastic. She has a great attitude and vast knowledge of the JDE system."

Public Training

Public classes are all Guaranteed to Run. When you sign up for a class, you are 100% guaranteed that the class will be held. JDEtips public classes are held four hours per day with an instructor-led virtual training environment.

Private Training

Private training is the perfect option for groups or if you require customized training. We help you get the most out of your JDE investment by increasing the knowledge of your power users and project teams making your team more efficient and giving your company the ability to use JDE to its full potential.