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Turner Industries Success Story

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Turner Industries is an engineering and construction company that builds, maintains and services the nation's heavy industrial sector, helping make the life we live possible by supporting the companies that produce fuel, energy, and products essential to our daily existence. For over 50 years, Turner Industries has provided responsive, innovative solutions designed to increase industrial plant production and reduce costs and downtime. Turner is uncompromisingly committed to integrity and solid working relationships, and we at JDEtips can attest to this first hand. Their morals and ideals were experienced throughout the project in the way they treat not only their employees, but each of us who set foot on their site.


Jim Doolittle, Director of Business Systems
We understood that the look and feel of E1 was going to be a significant change from the old World green screens. And, when you add that to the navigation differences between the two, we realized that training and education were going to play a large role in this upgrade. There was one other training challenge that we faced and that was how to deliver robust E1 module training to key business users in each department. I wanted to make sure that each department within Turner was exposed to all of the features and functions available to them in EnterpriseOne. So, I reached out to JDEtips and asked them to help me put an education plan together to retrain our key employees on their respective E1 module. Most of these classes were scheduled in the first phase of our project because we wanted our department Power User and IT Business Systems Analysts to have that knowledge prior to working with our project's integration partner.


JDEtips delivered extensive, in-depth, configuration level, project team training to key personnel at Turner Industries over a period of five months. It soon became apparent that some topics needed to be designed and delivered separately to accommodate different roles in the different departments within Turner. A cookie cutter approach to the topics covered was not going to be effective for all. By taking the time to truly understand the client's business and the needs of the students, we were able to maximize the value and minimize the time spent by each student in class.

Group Holding Training Sign


After being on World Software for over 20 years, the decision was made to upgrade to EnterpriseOne 9.2 across all divisions. Too often, an implementation partner will tell the client that they don't need formal project team training. The downside to this philosophy, is that the project team is not able to be part of decision making that may affect their business, because they have not been enabled with the proper JDE knowledge. Jim Doolittle at Turner Industries has too much ERP experience and history to let this happen to his team.


Key stake holders within Turner industries were fully trained in advance of their upgrade. Now equipped with the knowledge of the full capabilities and functionality of their EnterpriseOne software, Turner employees were able to participate in decision making throughout the entire implementation process. The Return On Investment will be recognized for years to come as they go live with a fully optimized software tailored specifically to their needs.


Successful training was delivered to key business users in each department.

Key Modules Taught:

  • Common Foundation and Navigation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Travel and Expense Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Contract and Service Billing
  • General Accounting
  • HR General
  • HR Personnel
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Time Entry
  • Fixed Assets
  • Job Costing
  • Subcontract
  • Procurement
  • Capital Asset Management
  • Equipment Time Entry
  • Developer Beginner and Advanced
  • Global Leave
  • Competency Management
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Work Orders
  • Manufacturing
  • AP/AR, Credit Collections combined and condensed
  • Security

JDEtips congratulates Jim Doolittle and Turner Industries on their successful transition to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.
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