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Below is a list of the most frequently downloaded articles over the previous 3-months, updated daily.

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Top 10 Downloads

1. An Overview of the DRP/MPS/MRP Planning Process with Gotchas That Lurk
by Terry Horner (Category: Manufacturing - Forecasting / Planning)
" At JDEtips, we love gotchas. Terry Horner is a solid manufacturing consultant who has found many gotchas along the way. In this article, he gives us an overview of the planning processes for DRP, MPS, and DRP. He describes the behavior of the various planning levels, gives us some tips on how to best use them, then, as promised, provides the gotchas. And if you thought "time fencing" was just a buzz word, don't stop reading until you get to the section where he explains how to improve the validity and stability of your DRP/MPS/MRP messages and to reduce the "nervousness" of your messages through fence policies and procedures.

2. Manufacturing Accounting - An Overview
by Roy Peters, Klee Associates (Category: Manufacturing Accounting)
" 10 pages that follow an example all the way through the manufacturing process to the General Ledger. If you aren't using this module, then you can't explain your variances, and you are missing a great deal of useful information. To learn even more--check out our Mastery Level Workshop on this topic.

3. Outbound Inventory Management
by Elizabeth Outtrim (Category: Distribution--Sales Order Management)
" Outbound Inventory Management is functionality as of EnterpriseOne 9.2. This article discusses the functionality, provides a process flow, then details the required setup. It then moves us step by step through the process, along with some tips and gotchas.

4. Product Costing - Best Practices
by Heering Ligthart (Category: Manufacturing Accounting)
" There's so much to think about with product costing: the amount of detail you'll need, maintaining master data, variances... the list can go on. This article by Heering Ligthart discusses some key topics for managing Product Costing efficiently. He'll cover best practices in costing security, using "Last In" calculation, working with multiple branches, and finally recording and finding historical costs.

5. Orchestrator for CNCs - Part 1, Implementing Orchestrator
by Tim McMurdo (Category: Technical--CNC)
" These days, Orchestrator is definitely the talk of the town--or at least the JDE town. It comes with fantastic functionality, simplifying day-to-day tasks for support and end users alike. But as with all great tools, you must be prepared to do the leg work so you can make the implementation as smooth as possible. So where do you start? From his own personal experiences, Tim McMurdo helps break down the steps required to bring Orchestrator into your infrastructure with detailed instructions on how to implement Orchestrator Studio so that you can start benefiting from this great tool immediately.

6. Integrity Reports Quick Reference
by Mark Zinck (Category: Financials)
" This is something JDEtips has wanted to do for a very long time; Mark Zinck simply dropped this in our lap one day recently. We think you will agree that the Integrity Reports Quick Reference he has created is one of the handiest documents you'll ever use. To say more would be simply gilding the proverbial lilly.

7. Stock Reconciliation and Integrity
by Ian Simmons, Xayce PLC (Category: Distribution--Inventory)
" What can you say about a perfect white paper? Other than we're sorry (you didn't have it when you first implemented JDE)? Ian has produced an incredibly detailed 27 page paper which deals with one of the main problems in any automated system integrity between the Item Ledger and the Inventory Account in the General Ledger. I used to dread those phone calls--"Andy, how come these two systems don't reconcile?" Ian discusses integrity checks the system way, followed by a technical section that goes through techniques for performing reconciliations outside of the system, and/or defining new reports you may want.

8. Introduction to Project Costing
by Richard Berry (Category: Financials--Job Cost)
" This is the first of a series on Project Costing. In this article, you will learn about more than just the software. The approach is to present the concepts and business requirements surrounding Job Costing, then to explain how these are addressed by PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne. Whether you already use Job Costing or are just now considering its implementation, be sure that you will learn plenty from this installment.

9. Manufacturing for the Rest of Us
by David Mallory, Denver Water Department (Category: Manufacturing)
" Need to understand the basics of Manufacturing terminology? David Mallory takes us to the mythical AWC company to learn how they manufacture widgets. If you are a Financial or Distribution type user, this White Paper will prove very useful.

10. Everything You Wanted to Know about Branch/Plant Constants
by Jane Perry (Category: Distribution--Sales Order Management)
" Okay, you might not be all THAT afraid to ask about Branch/Plant constants, but chances are, it's one of those topics that you don't really spend time thinking about until you need to work them. And then it becomes a mission to find someone who does understand what these constants are used for and how to use them. Jane Perry has been there, done that, and now presents this article for anyone who needs a primer on the successful use of Branch/Plant Constants in the JD Edwards Advanced Pricing module.