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Below is a list of the most frequently downloaded articles over the previous 3-months, updated daily.

JDEtips Knowledge Express is an online library of hundreds of articles on functional and technical topics. The techniques documented will help you unlock the full power of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World.

Top 10 Downloads

1. Orchestrator Troubleshooting Tips
by Cindy Grim (Category: Technical--Orchestrator)
" In this article, Cindy Grim will give a brief overview of the JD Edwards Orchestrator as well as discuss what tools and resources are available for troubleshooting orchestrations. Cindy will walk through diagnosing several common problems, helping you to become comfortable with how to troubleshoot issues that may arise during the creation of orchestrations.

2. Supplier Scheduling - A Buyers Implementation
by Pat Martino (Category: Manufacturing - Forecasting / Planning)
" Supplier Scheduling in a nutshell is advanced MRP for purchased parts. From a historical perspective, it's been around essentially forever, and this author recalls working on a WORLD Software version 5.1 back in the mid-1990s. Since then, the EnterpriseOne version of Supplier Scheduling has added a lot of capabilities and currently provides both direct access via E1 applications and also web portal access for suppliers and buyers. Supplier Scheduling has a lot to offer!

3. More Pricing Power in Procurement - What is new 9.2
by Tim Scott (Category: Distribution--Advanced Pricing)
" In addition to some very interesting best practice suggestions around Advanced Pricing for Procurement set up vs standard procurement costing, this article will also bring you up to speed on exciting new functionality with E9.2. If basket pricing for purchase orders, in addition to rounding rules and sliding rate adjustments that now apply to the procurement side are something you’ve been waiting for, you've come to the right place.

4. Inventory As-Of Processing
by Sean Collins (Category: Distribution--Inventory)
" It's the next best thing to traveling back in time to see what your inventory looked like at a particular date! Sean Collins joins us this issue to present the setup of and address the many benefits of the oft-overlooked As-Of process. Imagine being able to reconcile inventory more easily, or create comparison reports from one year to the next without spending a considerable amount of time. This process presents a nice "snapshot" you can keep on hand for when you really need to go back in time!

5. Configuring SSL for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
by Carlos Sebaaly (Category: Technical--Security)
" Since EnterpriseOne has shifted to a pure internet architecture, HTTP protocol has become the sole means of access to applications for end users. E1 became accessible through any certified version of the different browsers available in the market. This allowed for a simpler and broader exposure to users across dispersed locations via networks or internet. We explain the process of securing this protocol by enabling SSL (Secure Socket Layer) over HTTP so administrators can ensure that access to the JDE E1 web server is authentic and encrypted via HTTPS instead of HTTP. The steps provided are based on Oracle WebLogic Server versions 11g and 12c on Microsoft Windows.

6. Anatomy of an Order Level Price Adjustment - Setting Up Fuel Surcharge in SOM
by Thomas Nellissery (Category: Distribution--Sales Order Management)
" Advanced Pricing for Sales is considered a complex setup with its adjustment schedules, adjustment definitions, hierarchies, groupings, and detailed definitions. However, in its simplest form, it is a method of setting up a price for each item for each customer. Adding various groups into the mix, like Customer groups and Item groups, makes it less bulky and easier to maintain. We discuss an order level adjustment based on formulae and variables, to address one company's requirement to add fuel surcharge rates to some customers based on the total quantity shipped within an order and the distance to the Ship To location.

7. Using Orchestrator Studio to Automate Lease Entry
by JDEtips, Inc. (Category: Technical--Orchestrator)
" Orchestrator Studio is all the buzz in the JDE world. If you are looking to start using Orchestrator Studio, this article is a great start. With tips that are hard to get from Oracle documentation, Patrick provides detailed instructions on what you need to do to use the tool more effectively, shares tricks like copying inputs by exporting then re-importing, and discusses what can go wrong. Even if you don't use Lease Management, this article is a must read for anyone interested in using Orchestrator Studio.

8. Orchestrator for CNCs - Part 1, Implementing Orchestrator
by Tim McMurdo (Category: Technical--CNC)
" These days, Orchestrator is definitely the talk of the town--or at least the JDE town. It comes with fantastic functionality, simplifying day-to-day tasks for support and end users alike. But as with all great tools, you must be prepared to do the leg work so you can make the implementation as smooth as possible. So where do you start? From his own personal experiences, Tim McMurdo helps break down the steps required to bring Orchestrator into your infrastructure with detailed instructions on how to implement Orchestrator Studio so that you can start benefiting from this great tool immediately.

9. Orchestrator for CNCs - Part 2, Power Tuning the AIS Server for Orchestrator
by Tim McMurdo (Category: Technical--CNC)
" In Part 1 of this two-part series, Tim helped break down the steps needed to bring Orchestrator into your infrastructure and implement Orchestrator Studio. In this latest installment, Tim will explain how to 'power tune' your Orchestrator Studio to optimize the configuration and make it run smoothly. After reading this article, users and Admins alike can begin using this great tool to save time and avoid errors in day-to-day tasks.

10. Implementing Orchestrator 9.2.4.x - For CNC Technical Administrators
by Tim McMurdo (Category: Technical--Orchestrator)
" Oracle continues to enhance and invest in Orchestrator Studio. A new version, was released in December 2019 with the latest EnterpriseOne tool set. The latest version was overhauled by Oracle resulting in a different installation process which has been significantly simplified. Thank you, Oracle! This article by Tim McMurdo will help prepare a CNC person to install Orchestrator Studio 9.2.4.x.