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Below is a list of the most frequently downloaded articles over the previous 3-months, updated daily.

JDEtips Knowledge Express is an online library of hundreds of articles on functional and technical topics. The techniques documented will help you unlock the full power of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World.

Top 10 Downloads

1. Address Book Suite Magic - Tricks to Keeping Everything in Sync
by Beth Outtrim (Category: Address Book)
" Ah yes, the 'Keeper of Address Book' is an extremely important role! Garbage Address Book records snowball into bad data in both Accounts Payable (Supplier Master) and Accounts Receivable (Customer Master) and beyond. This article summarizes solutions from several different clients that are part of the Quest Financial SIG and is a goldmine.

2. EnterpriseOne Development Tools - An Introduction for Newbies
by Penny Allen (Category: Development)
" One distinguishing feature that has always set JDE E1 apart from the competition is its user-friendly capacity to modify or create new development objects. Designed as a development toolset for power users, it doesn't require experience in programming - now that is sweet! This article will introduce you to the basics and you'll be off and running!

3. Keeping Your JDE System Clean-A Maintenance Checklist for CNC Administrators
by Tim McMurdo (Category: Technical--CNC)
" JD Edwards stands as an excellent ERP system enabling efficient management of business processes. Nevertheless, like all systems, JDE demands regular maintenance for sustained effectiveness. Tim provides a comprehensive guide on various routine maintenance tasks essential for ensuring optimal performance of your JDE system.

4. Practical Uses for UDOs
by Howard Page (Category: Cross Functional)
" This article not only provides an explanation of UDOs and UX One, but it also describes several compelling use cases that demonstrate their effectiveness. Thanks to our partner, SpringboardUX, for this excellent content!

5. Real Solutions Using Orchestrator
by Lisa Tran (Category: Technical--Orchestrator)
" Another informative article by Lisa that could be titled 'Tales from the Workplace!' Read on to see several case scenarios and solutions to improve daily processes and reduce human error.

6. Creating Row & Form Exits via Form Extensions-More Exciting UDO Functionality
by Ute Cole (Category: Technical--User Defined Objects)
" You're already familiar with row and form exits as they are used extensively throughout JD Edwards E1. They offer a quick and easy way to access related data while working within an application. Now, with further enhancements to User Defined Objects (UDOs), you can effortlessly create row and form exits using form extensions. It just keeps getting better!

7. Protecting Sales Margins & Prices - Tips (Not Tricks) For You to Consider
by Ute Cole (Category: Distribution)
" The multitude of choices available for sales order margin and price protection options can be truly overwhelming. Since there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, you really need to understand the full gambit before you can make well-informed decisions for your business. Leveraging Ute's extensive experience provides valuable insights to help you assess the pros and cons effectively.

8. Forecast Consumption as a Planning Solution
by Keith Figgins (Category: Manufacturing - Forecasting / Planning)
" Garbage in, garbage out! If the logic you use for forecasting is not realistic for your company's demand patterns, how can you possibly expect your MRP messages to be meaningful? Forecast consumption just might be the answer for your make-to-stock items.

9. Event Rule Logic in E1
by Peter Weiler (Category: Development)
" Whether you're new to JDE or experienced, it is so helpful to discuss event rule logic and design options with other developers. It could be a complicated grid loop, or just some interesting tips and tricks learned the hard way, but we're sure you'll benefit from the experiences shared here.

10. How to Launch an Orchestration from an E1 Page
by Cindy Grim (Category: Technical--Orchestrator)
" "How can I provide the ability for an end user to run an Orchestration?" The ability to launch an Orchestration from an E1 Page became available with Tools 9.2.6 and is quite an elegant solution. This article will walk you through the steps to configure such an E1 Page.