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Top 10 Downloads

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Below is a list of the most frequently downloaded articles over the previous 3-months, updated daily.

JDEtips Knowledge Express is an online library of hundreds of articles on functional and technical topics. The techniques documented will help you unlock the full power of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World.

Top 10 Downloads

1. Automate with Orchestrator! Executing and Emailing Reports Automatically
by Cindy Grim (Category: Technical--Orchestrator)
" We love it when we can answer clients' questions in our articles, especially when they are written by a subject matter expert like Cindy! This is a very real and desirable use case for Orchestrator, and after this read you will not only be able to automate the execution and emailing of a report, but you will also learn the steps to trigger the orchestration using a Form Extension on an E1 application.

2. 9.2 System Integrity Reports Quick Reference Guide, Part 1: GL Reports
by Sarah Gavin (Category: Financials)
" Ah yes, Integrity Reports! They are fundamental to the success of your JD Edwards installation, and too often are not understood or even ran consistently. This quick reference guide was originally created in 2006 and has been on our Top Ten Download list ever since! Of course there have been many enhancements since 2006 and Sarah does a fabulous job of not only bringing this quick reference guide up to date, but offering some of her best practice suggestions after working with this software for almost 30 years. There is a wealth of information and knowledge bundled up in this little package! Watch for Quick Reference Guides to other modules coming in future publications of KE.

3. MRP and DRP Explained
by Susan Penick (Category: Manufacturing - Forecasting / Planning)
" Benefit from the hundreds of hours other clients have spent testing MRP and DRP. Reading this 50 page document will save you many lost days and nights! Sue is a Systems Analyst at Patrick Industries, a JDE client.

4. Using Work Order Activity Rules, Getting More Control of Your Shop Floor Control
by Tim Scott (Category: Manufacturing - Shop Floor Management)
" Isn't it nice when enhancements from Oracle help with "Getting More Control of Your Shop Floor Control"? Tim does a great job describing how to set up the work order activity rules to make this happen, and now you can even turn on tracking changes! Yes!...Anytime you can actually track changes, right? The key is understanding the work order activity flow, then wrap it up with some best practice scenarios and we're certain this article will help you gain better control of your work orders.

5. Order to Cash Overview
by Julie McNight (Category: Financials--Accounts Receivable)
" You're in the A/R department at your company, and you see Invoices coming over from the Sales Order system. You'd like to know more about how Sales generates Invoices, and the interface between A/R and Sales, but you can't spare a few days to attend a Sales Order class. What do you do? How about reading this white paper (written in "training manual" style)? Then you'll be ready to amaze your co-workers, and perhaps even explain A/R to the Sales Order folks.

6. Interbranch Sales Orders
by Jane Perry with Mark Williams (Category: Distribution--Sales Order Management)
" We recently added a new section to our JDEtips Mastery Level Sales Order workshop manual. All about Interbranch Sales Orders. Jane Perry wrote the original material, and Mark Williams has added some additional insight. We felt this was time to share this information with you in our Document Library.

7. Integrity Reports Quick Reference
by Mark Zinck (Category: Financials)
" This is something JDEtips has wanted to do for a very long time; Mark Zinck simply dropped this in our lap one day recently. We think you will agree that the Integrity Reports Quick Reference he has created is one of the handiest documents you'll ever use. To say more would be simply gilding the proverbial lilly.

8. An Overview of the DRP/MPS/MRP Planning Process with Gotchas That Lurk
by Terry Horner (Category: Manufacturing - Forecasting / Planning)
" At JDEtips, we love gotchas. Terry Horner is a solid manufacturing consultant who has found many gotchas along the way. In this article, he gives us an overview of the planning processes for DRP, MPS, and DRP. He describes the behavior of the various planning levels, gives us some tips on how to best use them, then, as promised, provides the gotchas. And if you thought "time fencing" was just a buzz word, don't stop reading until you get to the section where he explains how to improve the validity and stability of your DRP/MPS/MRP messages and to reduce the "nervousness" of your messages through fence policies and procedures.

9. Orchestrator for CNCs - Part 3, Diagnosing Orchestrator 9.2.4.x
by Tim McMurdo (Category: Technical--CNC)
" Now that you have implemented Orchestrator Studio into your environment (detailed in Part 1 of this series) and power tuned the AIS server (explained in Part 2 of this series), you are ready to start diagnosing the orchestrations that your developers have been creating. It is all a never-ending learning curve with ongoing challenges! As always, Tim does an excellent job of sharing his experiences with us and providing insight into different techniques and tools to help diagnose any issues that may arise when running orchestrations.

10. Orchestrator Troubleshooting Tips
by Cindy Grim (Category: Technical--Orchestrator)
" In this article, Cindy Grim will give a brief overview of the JD Edwards Orchestrator as well as discuss what tools and resources are available for troubleshooting orchestrations. Cindy will walk through diagnosing several common problems, helping you to become comfortable with how to troubleshoot issues that may arise during the creation of orchestrations.