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Private JD Edwards Training

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For New Users, Business Analysts, Project Teams and IT Support

Detailed, hands on, instructor-led training delivered virtually or at your location.

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Private training is the perfect option for groups or if you require customized training.

We help you get the most out of your JDE investment by increasing the knowledge of your power users and project teams. This increase in knowledge will not only make your team more efficient in their daily jobs but will also give your company as a whole the ability to use JDE to its full potential.

Advantages to our Private JD Edwards Training

  • Instruction: JDEtips training courses are based on real-world problems clients typically face. Every JD Edwards concept we cover is taught within the framework of real business processes. Private classes can be delivered virtually or at your location. Both delivery methods are live instructor-led.
  • JD Edwards Training Manuals: Our core classes include very detailed step-by-step instructions to assist you both during class and to be used as a guide long after class has ended.
  • Customized Training: Need training that you do not see in our standard course listing? We can develop or customize training specific to your company's unique requirements.

Why Training is Important
First, project team training is more than just learning how to perform transactions in the system. The internal team must be active participants in the design and setup of the application. A team that does not understand what the software is capable of doing will be more dependent on outside consultants to get it right. Even with the best consultants, this approach is risky, since they will never understand the subtleties of your business as well as employees do. Client software knowledge is the great enabler in terms of the quality of their involvement.

A team that understands the system and its potential usage can be more proactive in determining how the software will be configured and applied within the business. In this case, the team is in a better position to ask their consultants the right questions, spot things that appear wrong with the software setup, or possibly do more of the project work on their own.

Second, if the team lacks software knowledge, do not expect anyone else in the company to understand it. The team, not your consultants, should write the detail work procedures and ultimately train all end-users. Poor end-user training leads to suboptimization of business processes, costly workarounds, and improper use of the software tools.

Finally, you must prepare for the day when your consultants will walk out the door. After the system goes live, an organization that cannot properly train new users or make software configuration changes on their own (to support changing business needs and additional functionality) will become permanently dependent on expensive outside consultants.

In summary, the effects of inadequate team training include higher implement cost, the inability to leverage the software investment, and fewer benefits. It can also significantly increase the total cost of system ownership over the long run.

Written by Steven Phillips, author of Control Your ERP Destiny

Courses Offered

Training is offered in all major application & technical areas:

    • Basic Courses
    • Deep Dive Workshops
    • Development
    • Distribution
    • Financials
    • HR/Payroll
    • Manufacturing
    • Technical

Most courses are certified for continuing education credits.

"Your courses are the most targeted and in-depth JDE training available. They provide insights into the possibilities afforded by EnterpriseOne and challenged us to evaluate our use of the software in light of the new understandings and potential uses we discovered."

R. Paden, Supply Chain Planner, Gowan Company.