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JDE UDOs including UX One

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JD Edwards UDOs including UX One

SpringboardUX specializes exclusively in the JD Edwards UX — that is UDOs, Orchestrator, and UX One. SpringboardUX can show you how to leverage these within EnterpriseOne 9.2 in order to become more efficient and work smarter. Home working can be greatly improved through proactive alerts and having all relevant role related information within the same EnterpriseOne screen.

Benefits of Partnering with SpringboardUX

Few customers are realizing the benefits to be gained from the efficiency improvements these new features can offer. Traditional service providers cannot justify the cost of building a dedicated UX team for their customers. SpringboardUX is global and can partner your incumbent supplier whilst focusing exclusively on UX. We're not like the other partners.

If you are looking to upgrade to 9.2, or in the process of upgrading to 9.2 the Customization Migration Strategy Workshop can help you leverage the new features of UX One and Orchestrater before you go live. This workshop will help you to understand your customization landscape in order to remove unwanted customizations, keep those that are still required and replace those that can be done using UX One and Orchestrator. By minimizing the number of customizations less time will be required during the upgrade for retrofitting. To do this we can facilitate a 9.2 sandpit environment where new pages and orchestrations can be built before you move over to 9.2. This means those customizations that are being replaced need not be retrofitted.

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Your journey to working smarter starts with our Free Introductory Webinar. When we engage the first workshop is our Discovery Workshop. The deliverable is a Roadmap showing how different business areas can work smarter. Realize these efficiency improvements and savings with a Delivery Workshop for each of the areas you prioritize. We can deliver quick wins by leveraging out-of-the-box content. Advanced Delivery Workshops cover areas like using Orchestrations to replace customizations for Interfaces or for Business Process Automation. SpringboardUX can also advise on best practice for EnterpriseOne UX.

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Visit springboardux.com for further information or contact Howard Page.