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Articles Wanted

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Articles Wanted
Suggested Topics

The topics listed in each section below are articles we would like written. However, contributions are NOT limited to this list. Please submit any idea you feel adds value to the JD Edwards community.

For more information about writing or to submit your article ideas contact Terri.Wylie@JDEtips.com.

Click on a category to expand the list of topics for each section.


Module Topic
Grower Management Grower Pricing and Payments
Inventory Tips on using item substitutions
Inventory Setting up Item Master and Item Branch Records
Sales Order Splitting a Sales Invoice into Installment Payments
World 9.1 or 9.2 Batch Ship Confirm and Reverse ship confirm
Procurement Subcontractor Retention and other Subcontract Management enhancements
Procurement Requisitions Self-Service
Procurement Enhanced expense and inventory with PO flexibility
Procurement Operational Sourcing
Procurement / AP As-Of for Received Not Vouchered Reconciliation (RNV)


Module Topic
Accounts Payable ACH: How to configure AP for prepayments and how to test in E1
Accounts Payable ACH: How to generate a remittance to vendors, when you have paid them via ACH
Accounts Payable Reconciling A/P to the G/L
Accounts Payable ACH and Remittance advice to Vendor
Accounts Receivable Draft processing
Accounts Receivable Integrities: Reconciling A/R to the G/L
Accounts Receivable Understanding and using auto cash application algorithms in AR
Address Book Duplicate Address Book Entries—you can activate duplicate record validation, plus other best practices in maintaining a clean address book
Address Book Address Book Self Service—Customers and Suppliers can update their own Address Book information
Contract Management Contract management—What is it, how do we use it most effectively?
Expense Management Expense management module—entering employee expense reports, getting them approved, and auditing them
Financials Implications of buyouts or mergers - What to do in the software when your company acquires another company
Financials Understanding the organizational structure and how to set it up
Financials Business unit, job, project , account life cycle control
Financials Financial burdening with unlimited categories
Financials Financial data relationships
Fixed Assets Asset splits and disposals
Fixed Assets When to capitalize and when to expense (JDE specific)
General Ledger Month-end Closes - How to streamline the process
General Ledger Multi-Site Consolidations - War stories, real-life examples of how someone has set up this module and used it
General Ledger Understanding and running the year-end close
General Ledger The global update programs on G09316 that allow you to change the BU, OBJ, or SUB but keep the history together in the F0901, F0902, and F0911. And the effect on other tables in the system.
General Ledger Journal Entry Voids
Job Cost Job cost tips of all kinds
Multi-Currency Automating Currency Exchange Rate downloads from the Internet
Multi-Currency Understanding and using currency restatement for A/R and A/P (FASB 52)
Service Billing Service billing tips of all kinds
Taxes 1099 Reporting
Project and Government Contract Project and Government Contract Accounting Overview


EDI The set-up and flow of data into JDE to process bank transactions (specifically EDI 820, 821, and 823).


Module Topic
Project Planning Upgrade Planning Hints
Upgrades Upgrade from E1 Xe to E1 9.1
Upgrades Changes to the upgrade process in E1 9.2
SaaS JDE and The Cloud


Module Topic
HR Benefit Enrollment/Unenrollment with or without Eligibility Rules
HR Employee Self-Service
HR Enhancements to Workforce Management after Xe
HR General HR/Payroll/Benefits Troubleshooting, Tips, Traps & Tricks
HR HR tips of all kinds
HR Talent Management
Payroll Timecard corrections
Payroll Total Time Accounting
Payroll Component pay
Payroll AAIs for Payroll
Payroll Rolling an Accrual DBA into another Accrual DBA


Module Topic
Manufacturing Dynamic Configurator
Manufacturing Design to Release: Agile PLM Integration
Manufacturing 24/7 Manufacturing Accounting
Manufacturing Multibranch MRP, how to setup the system efficiently
Manufacturing AAIs for Manufacturing
Manufacturing Outside Processing: How and When to Use It
Manufacturing Overcoming the fact that JD Edwarrds treats manufacturing as having infinite capacity
Manufacturing Product costing
Manufacturing Everything you always wanted to know about Planning Codes
Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing
Manufacturing Subcontracting without Work Orders
Manufacturing How to configure planning in Make to stock & Make to order Environment
Manufacturing Capacity Planning in Detail
Manufacturing MRP message processing through Blanket order
Manufacturing Tool & Fixture Scheduling for Capacity Planning
Manufacturing ETO integration with Contract Billing
Manufacturing Set up & Understand Summary forecast
Manufacturing Lead time calculation & Roll up
Forecasting Integration of JDE to Demantra
Work Orders Orderless Processing
Work Orders Work Center Load Review Calendar


Module Topic
Auditing CFR21 Compliance especially Data Change Tracker
Business Intelligence Business Analytics
Business Intelligence Data Warehousing Success Stories
CNC How to setup SSL on an EnterpriseOne JAS Server
CNC Performance Tuning
CNC How to set up multi-foundations for Tools releases
Performance EnterpriseOne Performance Tips
Programming Development Methodology and Change Control for Client Modifications
Programming Development tools net change
Reporting Enterprise Report Writer tips
Reporting WorldWriter tips
Technical P Card Processing
Technical Table triggers and ER
Workflow Integrating Workflow with World
Workflow Workflow Setup, Programming and Debugging Hints
World A9.4 Release Net changes for the new release including the new Expense Management solution.
World Technical Solutions for Complex Joins—example: getting around WorldWriter's limitation of doing only Inner Joins
World Technical How to do attachments in a World green-screen environment
Technical Setting up email integration
One View Reporting Overview and How To Guide
Technical IoT - Internet of Things—example: connecting electronic devices to the internet and from there feeding data to JDE directly without human intervention.
Technical EnterpriseOne / UPS or FedEx Integration