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Course Outline: Accelerated Developer - Advanced

Main Topics

  • Business Functions Overview
  • Data Structures
  • Create Business Function Source
  • Code the Business Function Source Code
  • Attach a Business Function
  • Debug the Business Function
  • Power Forms
  • Understanding Cache
  • Master Business Functions
  • Transaction Processing
  • Introduction to E1 Pages
  • Exercises

Sub-topics and the full training agenda can be viewed in the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

Accelerated Developer - Advanced
In this course you will learn how to create, test, modify and debug business functions and create interactive applications that interact with a master business function and cache. You will have a working knowledge of topics such as Business Functions, Data Structures Design Aid, how to create and code C Business Functions, how to create and code NER Business Functions, how to debug C code, use Power Form & Sub forms, Cache and MBFs.