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Advanced Pricing Outline

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Course Outline: Advanced Pricing

Main Topics:

  • Case Study
  • Using Advanced Pricing for Base Price
  • Advanced Pricing Overview
  • Groups in Advanced Pricing
  • Mark-up Over Cost
  • Basket and Order Repricing
  • Enhanced Basket Repricing
  • Item/Customer Contract Pricing
  • Rounding Rules
  • Advanced Tips
  • Unit of Measure Conversions
  • Multiple Units of Measure Pricing
  • Additional Price UoM Retrieval
  • Update Sales Price/Cost
  • How to Protect Prices but Still Allow Overrides to Base Price
  • Item Restrictions
  • Effective Dates and How They Work in Advanced Pricing
  • Free Goods
  • Advanced Tips - Kit Pricing
  • Formula and Variable Based Pricing
  • How Preferences Can Drive Pricing More Efficiently
  • Price Schedules in Order Processing
  • Direct Price Adjustments
  • Buying Structures
  • Adjustment Control Codes and Invoice Print
  • Supplier Proof-of-Sale Rebates
  • Preferences in Advanced Pricing
  • Sales Price Based-On Date
  • Gross Profit Margin Pricing
  • How to Reduce Number of Schedules and Adjustments per Schedule
  • Mutually Exclusive Price Adjustments
  • Sliding Rate Adjustments
  • Volume-Based Upselling
  • Volume Incentive Deals
  • Pricing Workbench
  • Mass Maintenance
  • Customer Price Lists
  • Price Matrix
  • Pricing Resolution Engine
  • MIN-MAX Price Rules
  • Formula Enhancements in 8.12
  • Advanced Pricing Data Fields - Post XE

Sub-topics and the full training agenda can be viewed in the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

Advanced Pricing
This course is a complete review of the Advanced Pricing functionality in JD Edwards. You will learn how to set up Price Schedules, Adjustments, Hierarchies and Price Details. You will gain a working knowledge of how to work with rebates, free goods, order and basket repricing and line level changes.