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Introduction to Developer Outline

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Course Outline: Introduction to Developer

Technical Foundation

  • Data Dictionary
  • Table Design
  • Business View Design
  • Naming Conventions
  • Object Management Workbench
  • Environments

Basic Report Writing (ERW)

  • Introduction to the use of the Report Design Aid tool (RDA)
  • Create a Columnar Section
  • Create a Group Section
  • Modify existing objects
  • Create Report Headers and Report Footers
  • Create Level Break Headers
  • Create Level Break Footers
  • Create Basic Event Rules
  • Create a Tabular Section (non-financial)
  • Financial Report Writing Overview

Basic Interactive Development

  • Introduction to the use of the Form Design Aid tool (FDA)
  • Create an Application utilizing the Find/Browse Form, Fix/Inspect Form, Headerless Detail Form, and Search and Select Form
  • Components of a Form
  • Form Controls and Layout
  • Event Rules Design and Flow
  • Understanding Processing Options

Sub-topics and the full training agenda can be viewed in the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Developer
This course is a review of both Interactive and batch development. You will gain a clear understanding of the development cycle within JD Edwards, Batch development (RDA) for ERW, interactive development (FDA) for designing forms. Topics include Data Dictionary, OMW, naming conventions, Table Data and the Development Toolset.