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Manufacturing Planning Outline

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Course Outline: Manufacturing Planning

Main Topics:

  • Strategic Level Planning
  • Material Requirements Planning Overview
  • JD Edwards Planning Foundations
  • User Default Branch
  • Item Information
  • Bills of Materials
  • Work Order and Procurement Overview
  • Manufacturing System Setup and Introduction
  • Branch Plant and System Constants
  • Standard Units of Measures
  • Manufacturing Constants
  • Supply & Demand Inclusion Rules
  • Row Type Codes
  • MPS/MRP Generation Program
  • Sources of Demand
  • Planned and Released Work Order Requirements
  • Understanding Low Level Codes
  • Manufacturing Planning - Beyond MRP and Forecasting

Sub-topics and the full training agenda can be viewed in the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

Manufacturing Planning
In this course, you will learn how to accurately cost and account for various cost components, learn how to reconcile the WIP clearing account, book variances by product to support product profitability analysis, sort out sources of variances, and automatically account for non-standard production activities such as rework, teardowns, and R&D pilot runs. The course also covers Actual Costing for manufacturing.