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Virtual Training Explained

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What to Expect as an Attendee

Live instructors teach every class we hold—both our virtual public and our private training.

The main difference between learning in a traditional classroom compared to our 'virtual' classroom is that the instructor and students are spread out in their own location.

Our virtual classroom connects you to audio and screen sharing where everyone can communicate among each other and the instructor can view your training monitor at any point to assist.

Holding this class as a virtual class, running 1/2 days was very beneficial to not only me but to our company. This is the only way that I was able to participate due to the fact that we just went live. I look forward to my next virtual training class from JDEtips.

B. Brewer, IT & Operations Manager, Womble Company, Inc.

JDEtips virtual training is not a WebEx and PowerPoints.

Attendees receive access to a real JD Edwards environment and work through live JDE exercises. The course is taught exactly the same way as if you were physically in a classroom.

Why students prefer virtual training.

Save on travel costs and time away from your office and home. Virtual classes are the preference! Here's why:

  • 1/2 day format: You, the client, told us that one of the reasons you couldn't attend class in another city, is that your company could not afford to lose staff members from the office for multiple days. Many companies have become so lean that there is often not any backfill when someone is away. Our virtual classes are taught for 4 hours/day (10 am - 2 pm ET) with the intent that you can still do your job for the balance of the day. A benefit of this is that it also allows for the student to 'digest' what they've learned in only 4 hours, as opposed to an often grueling 8 hour day in a standard class format.

  • Dual monitors: By utilizing two monitors at your workplace, you can see the instructor's screen on one monitor and your classroom session on the other, side by side. Students find this much easier than trying to follow along on an overhead monitor, which are sometimes too far away and out of focus.

  • Audio: You still have the same interaction with the instructor as well as the other students.

  • On-line 'mood indicators': By using on-line 'mood indicators' you can raise your hand if you have a question, or request the instructor to slow down.

  • Visibility of the entire class: The instructor can see all of the students' monitors, and can easily drill down to take control of any student's monitor to demonstrate a concept or help the student troubleshoot a problem.

Bottom line, our virtual classes have the exact same content, same exercises and interaction with the instructor and other students as if you were physically in a classroom.

Double Guarantee

Every JDEtips University class is guaranteed to run. When you sign up, you'll know that the class will definitely be held. Not sure if one of our JDE classes is right for you? We also offer a money back guarantee.


4.5 Out of 5 Stars Rating
Attendees rate our classes an average of 4.7 out of 5.0. Read comments about JDEtips public and private training engagements.