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Size: 1.08 MG, Version:1.0, Publication Date:7/11/2023
This article not only provides an explanation of UDOs and UX One, but it also describes several compelling use cases that demonstrate their effectiveness. Thanks to our partner, SpringboardUX, for this excellent content!  
Size: 2.28 MB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:4/12/2023
What a great introduction to E1! Understand everything from System Codes, menu layout and navigation, to very cool and helpful user interface tips and techniques. Understand the power of both batch and interactive versions, including processing options and even Master Business Functions.  
Size: 1.26 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:4/1/2021
In Part 1 of this series, Kris did an excellent job of utilizing the newer functionality of UDOs and actually making Supplemental Data quite 'sexy'. Read on here in Part 2 to get back to the basics of what functionality resides in each of the modules specifically, as it varies and can be frustrating to sort out. Learn the who, what, where, when, and why of Supplemental Data.  
Size: 979 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:4/1/2021
In JD Edwards, there have always been several ways to perform a task in order to achieve the same results. When it comes to moving mass numbers of records between JDE and an outside source, you might be considering the new Orchestrator Studio, if you have it installed. If not, there is still the tried and true Z file, a very slick batch process to assist you with inbound interoperability. This article provides the details specific to importing the Item Master, Branch Plants, and related files and provides a complete understanding of the process end to end.  
Size: 1.78 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:10/6/2020
While it's true that Supplemental Data has been around forever, we've never seen it laid out and explained quite as well as in this article. Kris does a fabulous job of utilizing the newer functionality of UDOs to be very creative and even make up for Supplemental Data's 'lack of elegance'. The use of CafeOne to access Supplemental Data from virtually anywhere within E1 is indeed clever as the inconsistency in what programs can actually access this data has always been a major shortcoming. Kris also offers some excellent tips in setting up the database codes and data types allowing for ease of applying row security on the Supplemental Data.  
Size: 1.34 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:4/2/2019
Maintaining master data such as DMAAIs, Business Units, and Order Line Types in JDE can be tedious at best. Did you know that there is an application in JDE that simplifies the mass maintenance of these items and more? Before you build a custom application to help you with your mass maintenance, see if this hidden gem will fulfill your requirements.  
Size: 1.04 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:4/4/2018
What does "Think JDE" mean? It means to know how JD Edwards works at its core, to learn to think like a JD Edwards developer thinks when creating the applications. This article takes that concept a step further and shows us how to look at the whole picture when trouble is reported. Is it really even the JDE application that is giving us grief?  
Size: 557 KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:12/19/2013
This article explains the common JDE applications where PCI compliance is necessary, helps you understand the processes and risks, then describes two methods for obtaining compliance. The first method describes using JDE along with the associated challenges you will face when choosing this method while the second method outlines an add-on solution and the benefits you will receive if selected. In the end, you will have a solid understanding of the payment processing cycle.  
Size: 33.8 MB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:5/24/2011
Zip file for the May 24th, 2011 JDEtips Multi Country Implementation Strategies Webucation event recording. Please note--this is an MP4 file. You may need to update your video player or download Apple's QuickTime video player to view.  
Size: 5.3 MB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:5/24/2011
PowerPoint presentation from the JDEtips Webucation event on May 24th, 2011. Doing a multi-country rollout of JD Edwards can be a massive undertaking. Will you use a centralized or decentralized approach? How will you get a grip on the legal/tax requirements, localizations, and cultural differences in each country? All while trying to meet your implementation schedule and project budget. Learn from Steltix, a European-based Oracle Platinum Partner, with over 15 years experience running multi-country rollouts of JDE. We'll cover best practices, a proven methodology, and hard won tips--specially designed for JDE clients involved with multi-country implementations.  
Size: 6 MB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:5/3/2011
Here is the PowerPoint from the May 3, 2011 JDEtips Webucation event, presented by Andy Klee and Cheryl Pierce. An in-depth review of JDE's financial integrity jobs, advanced tips in Procurement, Sales Order and Pricing, including "Hierarchical Category Codes".  
Size: 880 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:4/25/2011
Andy Klee, our publisher, was looking for some "hidden gems" to share with JDE audiences, and called Bob DeMartino, one of our ace JDE Financials consultants a few months ago. Bob mentioned Hierarchical Category Codes, and even though it could only be enforced via post-setup reporting, Andy took it and ran with it. All the way to Mike's inbox, and Mike (our favorite EnterpriseOne developer), agreed to write up the concept and even developed the source code for enforcing the concept during setup.  

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