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Size: 1.05 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:1/7/2020
In this article, Bernie will review some of the useful tools available to assist users in more easily managing and maintaining their inventory data in EnterpriseOne. He will also explain what you need to know before you use these tools. In addition, Bernie will help you understand what is native to E1, before you purchase unnecessary third-party tools or write custom code.  
Size: 961 KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:1/4/2016
If you are the supplier in a Vendor Managed Inventory arrangement and do not have enough outbound VMI to justify implementing Oracle's Outbound Inventory Management System, then one of the solutions in this article might be good for you. These solutions allow you to send your product to your customers, track how much inventory you have at your customers, manage your inventory, and invoice your customer when they use or sell the product.  
Size: 808 KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:10/25/2011
PowerPoint presentation from the October 25th, 2011 webcast. Does reconciling on hand inventory to your general ledger each month take up way too much of your time? Do the relationships between the JDE tables (F0911, F41021, F4105, F4111...) seem to require prayer and incantation? If you find the standard JDE inventory reconciliation tools to be, ahem, somewhat less than helpful, you need to join us for this event. Pick the brains of two JDE consultants who specialize in nothing but JDE Inventory Reconciliation. Jeanene Jensen and Greg Caudell will explain the best strategies for reconciling inventory.  
Size: 35 MB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:10/25/2011
Zip file for the October 25th, 2011 recording. Please note--this is an MP4 file. You may need to update your video player or download Apple's QuickTime video player to view.  
Size: 1.12 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:7/21/2011
It may seem like a simple request: make mass updates to values in the item branch records. However, what if there's hundreds--even thousands--of these records and you could only change them manually? That simple request now seems like a nightmare waiting to happen. Mike Wright knows a thing or two about averting IT nightmares with creative batch jobs and easy to create custom applications, and this request is another he and his team have tackled. This article provides the steps you can take create a batch job and application to make mass updates to item branch records, code included.  
Size: 1.23, Version:1, Publication Date:4/25/2011
Get a quick overview of Serial Numbers with a chapter from our Inventory Management Training Manual.  
Size: 817 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:12/22/2010
Why wait until the end of the month to discover discrepancies between your Item Ledger and General Ledger? You can stay ahead of the game with help from Excel pivot tables. In this article, Sande Gilbert walks us through three easy steps she's put in place to help stay on top of reconciliation so that her month end close is much less stressful. Best part, no system configuration or exhaustive setup is required.  
Size: 524 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:4/30/2010
There are a number of ways to calculate the overall costs associated with your company's inventory. One of those ways is to determine the average cost, for which you need to know the Weighted Average Cost (WAC). In this article, Rishi Kanegaonkar and Ajay Agarwal review how WAC is calculated in JDE, including setup, various functionalities available, and the considerations you'll want to take into account, along with the best practices and lessons they've learned along the way.  
Size: 434 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:7/20/2009
What's the opposite of an intelligent item numbering scheme? In addition to answering that question (politely, we might add), our resident Inventory and Warehousing expert, George Hollowell, provides us with the dos and don'ts to consider when deciding on naming conventions for items and locations. In this article, George takes us through item and location setup, including several tips and best practices you'll want to heed in order to keep your items and locations named in a logical (if not "intelligent") manner.  
Size: 2.68 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:7/20/2009
Available and committed? In the real world, those two terms are decidedly contradictory. In JD Edwards, it's one of those concepts that can be clear as mud, unless, of course, someone takes the time to clarify things. And Jane Perry is the perfect person to tackle Inventory Availability Commitments. In this article, Jane will explain the terminology involved, review the system setup requirements for commitment processing, test various scenarios, and then wrap it up with a discussion on the Repost Active Sales Order application. Ready to commit now?  
Size: 321 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:1/5/2009
It's the message we've been sending throughout this recession--now is NOT the time to screech to a halt and try to "ride it out" with a complete bunker mentality. Savvy companies are the ones who are using this slow time to prepare for the eventual economic upturn by initiating those projects that, when things are swinging, no one ever seems to have the time or resources to accomplish. Distribution, in particular, is one area that's ripe for making improvements now. Tyler Simonton presents six Inventory Management initiatives--ranging from quick wins to larger efforts--that you can apply now, and that will benefit your bottom line both now, and in the future.  
Size: 533 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:4/4/2008
If you want the goods on lot numbers, we've got it here, in all its beautiful detail. Whether it's as obvious as "use by this date" or something as cryptic as MNH760908, almost every product has a lot number. Tyler Simonton takes us behind the scenes of how lot numbers are assigned by JD Edwards Lot Control functionality, including the factors that are used to create the number that ultimately indicates the age of a product.  
Size: 571KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:3/22/2007
It's the next best thing to traveling back in time to see what your inventory looked like at a particular date! Sean Collins joins us this issue to present the setup of and address the many benefits of the oft-overlooked As-Of process. Imagine being able to reconcile inventory more easily, or create comparison reports from one year to the next without spending a considerable amount of time. This process presents a nice "snapshot" you can keep on hand for when you really need to go back in time!  
Size: 376KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:1/28/2007
Can ABC-based Cycle Counting be as easy as 1-2-3? Let's find out as we welcome Tyler Simonton to JDEtips. A first-time contributor, Tyler takes up this oft-forgotten Inventory topic, and walks you through the toughest part: initial setup. He also does a great job of pointing out those other stumbling blocks we love to call "gotchas". So, if you're tasked with exploring Cycle Count and ABC analysis and want to get ahead of the game, it's time to read up.  
Size: 575KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:9/21/2006
"Don't send me anything that's going to expire in less than six months!" Some customer requirements are hard to manage; this one requires a considerable amount of communication from sales order to pick sheet. Traditionally, it's been a manual process that has had the accuracy of looking at a crystal ball. With the expense of crystal shoes! There's a process, though, that can make this once tedious and error-prone measure much more automated. Sushma Katepalli takes you step by step through this setup which will get you well on your way to more clearly communicating your customers' expectations from the moment the order is placed until it's shipped.  
Size: 687KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:7/18/2006
The "KISS" method at its finest! While it's great to have sophisticated tools at our disposal, sometimes a simple solution is all we really need. You might not need the complexity of the Container Management module to track the containers when all you want to do is just track the money. This article steps us through a process for collecting and refunding deposits for returnable containers when there is no need to account for each one.  
Size: 236KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:1/19/2006
When is Bulk Inventory not Bulk? Isn't a truckload of fresh corn considered bulk inventory? Well not if you are measuring in JDE. This article clears up the questions surrounding the use of the bulk functionality -- what it is used for, what it is NOT used for, and why it works the way it does. There's a self-test toward the end that will help you decide whether you should consider implementing this powerful feature.  
Size: 5674KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:9/10/2005
Advanced Stock Valuation is one of those "stealth" modules that no one seems to know about and few have implemented. Although designed with the help of JDE's Energy and Chemical clients, it has broad applicability to any company wanting to value its on-hand inventory and also know its cost of sales on a FIFO, LIFO, or Average Cost basis. And if you are using lot numbers to do FIFO or LIFO valuation, you really owe it to yourself to check out this module. Why junk up your inventory records with lot numbers, if what you really need is accounting information?  
Size: 366KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:9/10/2005
The Elephant in the Room, or, in this case, 1,038 pounds of squirrels. You'll have to read the article to understand that remark! Even if that doesn't pique your interest, you'll want to read this to learn the whys and wherefores of the new Secondary Unit of Measure that popped up in EnterpriseOne 8.9. Russ explains how it works, why you might need it, and best of all--why you might not need it.  
Size: 425KB, Version:1, Publication Date:3/11/2005
Talk about hidden functionality?! This article is a model JDEtip because it points out a secret that probably even the Oracle/PeopleSoft/JDE developers have forgotten. One of our long-standing desired articles has been for someone to write about Flex Accounting and Inventory. We know it works for Sales Orders, but Inventory has always been a big fat question mark for us. Bob Pizzoli shows us how to set up the system to use Flexible Accounting with Inventory transactions and to make it all easier to understand, Bob has based this article on a real-life scenario and walks us through the steps to show the setup and the results.  
Size: 975 KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:3/1/2004
What can you say about a perfect white paper? Other than we're sorry (you didn't have it when you first implemented JDE)? Ian has produced an incredibly detailed 27 page paper which deals with one of the main problems in any automated system integrity between the Item Ledger and the Inventory Account in the General Ledger. I used to dread those phone calls--"Andy, how come these two systems don't reconcile?" Ian discusses integrity checks the system way, followed by a technical section that goes through techniques for performing reconciliations outside of the system, and/or defining new reports you may want.  
Size: 30 KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:5/1/2003
In a World Software environment, we know how annoying it is to have to blank out the short item number in the Item Master when doing repeated inquiries. If you aren't careful you could not notice you haven't inquired on the next Item, and wind up changing the wrong Item Master. Jim's tip is one of those easy custom fixes that is really worth the effort to implement and maintain.  
Size: 28 KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:1/1/2001
Tips and tricks to know when doing cycle counts. Know when you have to "go manual" if you want to keep shipping product while you count. This white paper contains a very detailed, step-by-step, analysis of the entire procedure.  

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