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"JDEtips on Financials--Time Entry"

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Size: 541KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:7/15/2004
In this article, Richard fills in with the details on time entry with equipment. An employee may spend time on a job using one or more pieces of the company's equipment, perhaps for testing, repair, or construction purposes. The time entry module allows both the employee's own time and the equipment time to be entered using the same screen.  
Size: 1.3 MB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:5/1/2004
Many customers might use this module if they knew that they had it. There was a time when JDE used to deliver Standalone Time Entry along with the Project Management suite. Many clients actually have the software but do not realize it. If they know they have it, it may not be very clear what the module is actually supposed to do and how it can help them. Richard Berry takes the mystery out of this useful tool and shows you how to put it to work in your environment.  

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