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Size: 659 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:11/19/2009
Yes, the Configurator can be your friend! Maybe it is a bit complex to casually throw in as a first-pass solution for managing demand, but according to Jonathan Rose, there are benefits to using this functionality for planning in companies that assemble to order (ATO). While you can always start down the solution path using planning bills of materials, you'll soon discover that they require item master/item branch records for every combination of components that might be assembled and sold. So as Jonathan notes, using the Configurator instead to drive lower-level requirements allows you to plan at the product family level without having to figure out the forecast demand for each variant.  
Size: 335KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:3/22/2007
There are many benefits to be found in the External Business Function References feature of the Advanced Assemby Inclusion Rule. But it takes two rather different skill sets to bring this feature into play: A strong understanding of the Configurator, coupled with the ability to create a business function. Chances are, you have people who can do this as a team; you just need to find them. And once you do, this article by newcomer Roma Drzymala will help you set the stage for putting External Business Function References into your Assembly rules, thus incorporating more accuracy, while saving time. And that is truly thinking JDE!  
Size: 829KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:11/23/2006
The Configuration Management system within JD Edwards is an awesome feature for any manufacturing company that specializes in custom designed products. But, did you know it can be used for returns as well as orders? True to the JDEtips mission to help you get the most out of your JD Edwards investment, Cordell Kirk presents a great business case, followed by a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to use the Configurator to increase the efficiency of your custom-order return processes!  
Size: 524 KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:3/1/2004
We've been waiting quite a while for one of those rare Configurator experts to step up to the challenge of writing a detailed overview on this topic. Peter Bannister does a great job with this 32 page paper. If yours is a "Make to Order" type of manufacturing environment, and if Configurator Rules seem complex to you, let Peter simplify them. Peter is also creating a Mastery Level Workshop on Configurator, so get in touch with us if you need more help.  

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