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Size: 2.03 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:7/7/2020
Oracle continues to enhance and invest in Orchestrator Studio. A new version, was released in December 2019 with the latest EnterpriseOne tool set. The latest version was overhauled by Oracle resulting in a different installation process which has been significantly simplified. Thank you, Oracle! This article by Tim McMurdo will help prepare a CNC person to install Orchestrator Studio 9.2.4.x.  
Size: 2.14 MB, Version:1, Publication Date:7/9/2019
Orchestrator Studio is all the buzz in the JDE world. If you are looking to start using Orchestrator Studio, this article is a great start. With tips that are hard to get from Oracle documentation, Patrick provides detailed instructions on what you need to do to use the tool more effectively, shares tricks like copying inputs by exporting then re-importing, and discusses what can go wrong. Even if you don't use Lease Management, this article is a must read for anyone interested in using Orchestrator Studio.  

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