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Size: 668KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:11/23/2006
OK, so you've set up EnterpriseOne to send workflow messages through the Employee Work Center. But there's a slight problem…nearly everyone, particularly casual users of JD Edwards, forgets to check their Work Center regularly. They are too busy handling all the email they get in Outlook, right? Who wants to check another "email" system? Remember PPAT? (That's for you oldtime World clients.) A real-life experience with such a situation resulted in this tip from David Bissonnette on how to cover two bases at once by directing Workflow messages to external email. Now you can be more assured that the messages you send are being received!  
Size: 625KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:5/6/2005
We've been looking for a good article on Workflow for a looong time. At last! David Bissonnette had been holding out on us all along (but we're sure he didn't mean to). This article gives a great overview of what Workflow is all about, and walks us through the setup and execution using a good practical example. If you aren't using Workflow because you don't quite get it, this article should nicely remove that particular stumbling block. Thank you, David, for sharing your expertise with us.  

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