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Size: 732 KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:3/6/2014
Wow! There is some great stuff in this article. Some valuable guidance about upgrade project management, but more importantly, some great technical tips you'll want to know before you launch your A9.3 World upgrade. You can avoid some serious pain if you read this article first.  
Size: 174 KB, Version:1, Publication Date:6/2/2008
With his ears to the ground at Collaborate 08, Cordell Kirk kept notes on what other JD Edwards World customers were saying about the future of World software in Oracle's ever-growing dynasty. Was the future bright? Or was World doomed? Cordell took the questions and concerns that arose out of the sessions he attended, plus the word on the showcase floor, and brought them to 15 World customers for their "take" on Oracle's commitment to their beloved software. In this article, he presents his findings.  
Size: 307KB, Version:1, Publication Date:12/10/2007
If you're planning to upgrade to JD Edwards World A9.1--this article provides some insight as to how one company, Fike Corporation, managed its recent project successfully. Cordell Kirk reports from the trenches as his company becomes one of the first to "go-live" with this latest release. Cordell's lessons learned offer a glimpse at the non-technical side of an upgrade, the process planning--which he found to be the foundation for a smooth transition.  
Size: 905KB, Version:1.0, Publication Date:1/11/2005
JDEtips is pleased to share with you a PowerPoint presentation that PeopleSoft's Product Manager, Tom Carrell, sent to us for publication. This presentation outlines the new direction PeopleSoft is taking with the World product they are pumping new life into it with A8.1 Service Pack 6! Possibly the most important piece of information in this announcement is that there is now a direct path from A8.1 to EnterpriseOne that's big- it used to be a dead end, and you couldn't get from World A8.1 to EnterpriseOne.  

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